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Doc and Miranda

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PostPosted: Fri Nov 27, 2015 10:42 pm    Post subject: Doc and Miranda Reply with quote

This is a joint post between Coinich1 and LukeDev75


Location: Crew’s Lounge, I.M.V. ARAGON in-jumpspace enroute Feri to Efate
Time: 0700 hours ship’s local time.

As Doc enters the Crew’s Lounge, he does a quick look-around to ascertain the tactical situation. Steward making breakfast… nobody else in the Lounge. Room clear. “Ugh, Force of habit.”, he tells himself, shaking his head.

The lounge smelled good. The scent of fresh coffee, and a beauty of a young Yelena making the rations taste as good as they possibly can, started Tom’s day off nicely. “Girl does good work.”, he thinks to himself as he watches her lithe figure working in the galley.

“Mornin’ Yelena.”, he says as he makes his way to his normal spot at the “bar area” of the lounge.

“Morning Doctor sir.”

On his way, he stops by and pours himself a cup of coffee. He takes a nice sip. “Ahh.”, he smiles as he exhales and sits on “his” barstool and leans his back against the bulkhead.

“And how are you this morning young lady?”, Tom asks between short sips of his piping hot coffee.

“Fine sir, I hope you're well too.”

Gaging her response positively, he decides to pursue the conversation. “May I ask you a question?” Tom’s experienced eye notices the slightest of posture change, slightly defensive.

Yelena momentarily thinks, “Here comes another ‘test’.” She answers enthusiastically, “Certainly Doc. What is on your mind?”

“I’ve seen you at work now for several months. You have a good work ethic. No… make that great work ethic. You show up on time for our medical training sessions… make that on-time for everything, for that matter. You are always dressed smartly. You are very sharp and learn new concepts with remarkable ease.”

Normally Tom would expect a young lady in a new job to at least blush slightly at such a statement - Yelena did not.

“Thank you sir.” came the expected response.

“So… why are you here? I mean, I know why you are here, but you are far more talented than being the steward of a starship requires. So… why the ARAGON? Why not University somewhere?”

With a positive attentive gaze, Yelena sincerely answers, “To get away . . . off Ryhlanor.” She pauses slightly. “University didn’t work out economically, no solid jobs, no family left, no real or assumed future. Time to go. And here I am. What would you like for breakfast?”

Doc watches her as she answers, and as she finishes he thinks, “And there’s a lot more to it than that my dear.”

“I would love it if you could mix up the dried eggs from the number 1 breakfast rats pack with the Tree Kraken sausages from the number 3 breakfast pack like you did a week ago. You worked a miracle with that.”

“Sure, sorry we ran out of the fresh rations we picked up on Feri. Hope to do serious shopping on Efate.”

“Oh, and if you have any of the salsa packs still available, would you mix that in as well?”

“Yeap, horded some condiments.” Yelena turns towards the galley.

Tom’s eyes play over her body, but not in a sexual way. “Deliberate actions. Controlled and methodical. Eyes constantly observing. She carries herself as someone with wisdom beyond their years. Based on observed past and present behaviors, yep, she’s running from something, or maybe someone. But what? Who? Crazy ex-lover? Bad home situation? No indication of former wedding band, so probably not from an abusive spouse.”

“Oh, go on Tom. Read her mind. Easy-in, easy-out. Then you have your answer.”

The back and forth battle continued in his mind. “Yes, but this isn’t a tactical situation where real-time intel is necessary to prosecute a mission objective either. Tom, you have to learn to back-off and join ‘normal’ society.”

“Yes. But I want to know.”

Tom gets off his stool and moves over toward the galley prep area. “Yelena”, he states with confidence, “… are you running from someone… or something?” Tom begins to channel his mental energy, and skims the immediate surface thoughts and emotions that his question evokes.

“Yes” comes the mental answer, emotions are confused though, quickly running a gamut from the initial fear, anger, tipid anticipation, to sadness. So quickly they pass, it is hard for Tom to ‘see’ a clear single emotion.

Yelena sighs almost inaudibly.

Before she has a chance to verbally answer, he will interject, “I’m sorry to be so forthright. But I want to ensure that you are safe. And also to offer that I am... someone that you can talk to... if you are ever so inclined.”

As his finishes his statement, he will quickly read her emotions again.

“Hhhmmm, Trust issues.”

Yelena continues through the galley, focusing on the Doctor's breakfast order. “Thank you Doctor Tom, but as I said, things on Ryhlanor weren’t working out for me. So yes, I am ‘running’ away - that’s what you may call it. Never had really had someone around long enough to discuss stuff.”

Tom sees the sadness inside, but it is not physically displayed.

Yelena continues, “So forgive me if I don’t jump at your offer. It’s appreciated, really.”

“No it’s not - she clearly doesn’t trust me.” Tom’s thoughts don’t surface.

“Ah, the salsa.” Yelena turns towards Tom, he sees the purposeful body language. “I have mild and hot, seems you have a choice.” She dangles the two bags between her middle finger and thumb - index finger pointed straight at Tom. It has a particular phallic look, complete with swinging bags.

“Distraction!” It is clear to Tom, even without his mental skills. Her mental state is focusing on Tom’s breakfast order and evasion. “How about the hot.” is his only response. “What is she hiding?”

“Hot it is.” Yelena turns her back on Tom, proceeding with his order. “Hey, can you grab me a plate over there?”

“Sure.” Tom looks her over as he retrieves a plate. His training clarifies Yelena is focusing her attention to the mission at hand, limiting her emotional and intellectual responses. Sincerely, Tom says, “You know, Yelena, if a person runs too hard they can hurt themselves. If they’ve run too far, no one is there to help them.”

Yelena stops and turns towards the Doctor, leans on the counter for support. “You know Doc, I appreciate it, but no more questions about why I left. I am not running now.”

Tom looks at her, fear is the emotion he sees. She is afraid of something, fearful for something . . . or someone. Yelena’s surface thoughts are about Tom, Dallas, Yanagi, and even ‘Chickie’ - then it all goes bad. “Is she afraid of the crew? Or is she afraid FOR the crew.”

“But I will run your breakfast out to the bar for you.” Yelena says with a reassuring smile and a quick emotional change, she is back on mission.

“Yeah, sure. Thanks.” Tom heads back towards the lounge bar. “Just had to do it, didn’t you. Couldn’t resist. Yes, but it’s such a habit. Yes, but she’s not a towel-head sympathizer in your prison complex either. I know. I know. God, this is so hard.”

Tom had just settled on a stool pondering his questioning of Yelena, when he hears her upbeat voice. “Breakfast is served.” Placing the dish in front of him from standing behind the bar. “Drink sir?”

Tom looks her over, longer than he professionally should have.

“What?” Comes Yelena’s observant response.

“Damn,” is his internal response. Outwardly, “Sorry, didn’t mean to pry before.” “Yes you did, you always pry.” Continued his inner dialog.

“It’s okay. I meant to not answer you.” Yelena says with a smile. “Drink?”

“Why? Why not answer me?” Tom again begins to put his skills to use.

“What? Again? Really Doctor Tom?”

Tom thinks about her trust issues, and then his trust issues. “If she can’t trust us, how can I trust her.” He speaks, “So . . . what are you running away from?” Tom turns his skills on, tries to look into Yelena’s thoughts and emotions - there is an issue.

“I am not running away, I am moving on. I am leaving things behind. Things that weren’t working out for me. I am looking to better myself. What’s wrong with that?”

The trained Doctor stares at the young lady, not seeing her body language and, more troubling, not seeing her thoughts or emotions. He catches himself squinting.

Yelena’s question seems to go unanswered, she notices the strange look. “What? You think there something wrong with bettering ones self?”

His abilities, while in the service, were better honed than they were right now.

“Why?” he asks himself, but answers aloud to Yelena. “No... there’s nothing wrong with bettering yourself.” His troubled inner dialog continues, “Boosters! I don’t have any boosters. Really? This was all I got? I can’t even read a troubled youth! Shot my load in a kitchen. Now what?”

Yelena begins to stare at Tom, “You okay?”

“Ah, yeah, umm okay, sorry.” Tom relies on his other skills to come back into the conversation.

“So, how can I help you?” Then more sincerely, “How can I help you better yourself?”

Yelena and Tom began a timid superficial conversation about Yelena’s training aboard the IMV Aragon. Tom suggests Yelena learn about the various aspects of a merchant's life, maybe paying attention to Yanagi’s work. Yelena talks about learning the ship’s systems. The exchange is not an interview anymore, it is a smoothing of the recent awkward moments. Tom knows he has to come back to who Yelena is - without his crutch, without his boost. Maybe Tom needs to take a closer look at a merchant’s life too.
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