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Ship's Steward & Security Officer Yelena Belova

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PostPosted: Thu Nov 05, 2015 7:32 pm    Post subject: Ship's Steward & Security Officer Yelena Belova Reply with quote

Yelena Belova (a.k.a. Miranda Krios)

Played by: LukeDev75

Str: 11
Dex: 12
End: 12
Int: 13
Edu: 12
Soc: 9
Cha: 10

Apparent Age: 26
Actual Age: 30
Race: Imperial Human

Homeworld: Rhylanor / Rhylanor (SM-2716)

Service: Underworld (Ministry of Justice)
Branch: None
Terms: 4
Rank: O-1 Enforcer
College: None
Special Assignments: Trained to be Ambidextrous
Awards: None


Brawling - 3
Handgun - 2
Intrusion - 1
Carousing - 2 (Equivalent of Steward - 1)
Blade Combat - 1
Grav Vehicle - 2
Computer - 1
Vacc Suit - 1
SMG - 1
Demolition - 1
Gambling - 1
Disguise - 1
Forgery - 1
Liaison - 2 (Equivalent of Admin - 1 & Streetwise - 1)
Electronics - 1
Medic - 1
Ship's Boat - 1
Bribery - 1

Licenses and Certificates:

(1) Able Spacehand – Unrated License – Z Card
(2) Apprentice Engineer License
(3) Assistant Engineer, Systems License
(4) Steward, General License
(5) Steward, Purser License
(6) Ship's Medic, Class-2 License

Character Intro / Background:

Miranda’s Background for Yelena Belova:

Yelena was born and raised in Arbellatracon, Rhylanor's largest city with four billion souls, is the planet's manufacturing center. Consisting mostly of massed arcologies, dismal industrial Arbellatracon is for the most part a rough and tumble blue-collar city. She was raised by a maternal Uncle because her father was absent after birth and her mother passed while Yelena was young. Yelena barely recalls her mother. There was also a sister, who left Rhylanor many years ago and Yelena hasn’t seen or communicated with in years. In her early 20’s her uncle also passed, forcing Yelena to leave her education and seek gainful employment.

After graduating high school, her Uncle helped Yelena move to Fuirmidh so she could attend the University of Rhylanor. Yelena took classes in Electronics and Computer Sciences. She barely completed here second year before her Uncle died, forcing Yelena to spend more effort on a job then school. She worked various jobs at bars and restaurants before leaving Fuirmidh and moving to Olavopolis. In Olavopolis, Yelena returned to higher clientele restaurants and even worked in boutiques, learning about fine dining and refining her liaison skills.

Her social skills eventually landed her a secondary maintenance job working on Olavopolis’ arcologies, floating gravitic residential and industrial centers and subsurface oceanic domes that extend beyond the coastline of Olavopolis' terrestrial sprawl. It was here she earned her Apprentice Engineer license. This certification opened an opportunity to relocate to the Rhylanor Orbital Starport (R.O.S.) or "Ross”, as it is affectionately called. While there she also earned her Assistant Systems Engineer certification. Her good looks assisted in landing random jobs, one of which included running ship’s boats to and from the dirtside yards on Rhylanor, gaining her an Able Spacehand card.

While on Ross, Yelena moonlighted as an assistant to some of the various travelers passing through and some of the residences. During this time she managed to obtain a General Steward endorsement. Yelena returned dirtside to Arbellatracon working in various casinos. She work discreetly with visiting clientele and earned a Steward, Purser license. Yelena still could not afford the style of living these high-rollers and nobles, so moved back to Olavopolis.

Taking a more steady and dependable job, Yelena began work for a large security guard company. As the new employee, Yelena was assigned a lot of the off-hour shifts as an armed guard at some of the various dirtside. Because of the night work, she had time to attend some of the corporation’s daytime training sessions. It is here she began proficient with firearms and security systems. A few months ago, the security company lost its main contract because of bad publicity concerning a drug smuggling ring, possible terrorist activity, and dealings with organized crime. The security company was forced to layoff most of its employees, especially junior ones like Yelena.

After the layoff, Yelena sought training at a Medical institute back in Arbellatracon. She acquired a Class 2 Ship’s Medic certification, enabling her to seek employment on one of the many vessels visiting and working out of Rhylanor. Yelena returned to Olavopolis, it was her time to move on – up and off of Rhylanor.
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