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Welcome home Colonel Paien

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PostPosted: Tue Jul 28, 2015 9:44 pm    Post subject: Welcome home Colonel Paien Reply with quote

This is a joint post from Bronze and Scruffy

Still wet from the shower, Amp stood in the steam filled room deep in thought. He absentmindedly wiped the condensation from the mirror with his hand and stared blankly at his reflection. His gaze shifted from his face, to his chest, to his arms and torso. He slowly ran his hand over his bicep. All of his tattoos and scars were mysteriously missing. A gentle knock at the door disrupted his thoughts. Amp heard the door to his room open.

“Colonel Paien.” The male voice said.

Amp didn’t answer.

“The administrator will see you now sir.” He heard the door close with a dull thud.

Amp finished grooming himself packed up his belongings. Not that he had much to pack. Other than toiletries and the casual clothes on his back, he had his ID card, a debit card worth 5,000 credits and, two suits that were neatly stored in a garment bag. He took note that his military uniforms were not among his belongings. Before exiting, he looked over his room one more time. It was very white and very sterile looking. There was no media device or comm device. The doctors had told Amp they were fearful of over stimulation while he was still in such a fragile state. He turned and faced the door. It instantly responded and slid open with a dull hum. A guard was waiting for him on the other side.

“Colonel Paien sir. Follow me.”

“Lead the way Sergeant.” Amp said as he hefted his garment bag.

The Marine Sergeant, led Amp down a well lit corridor. The corridor was decorated with large panels of dark synthetic wood with silver metal accents.

“Hey Sergeant, what hospital is this?” Amp inquired.

The Sergeant hesitated for a moment, carefully choosing his words before answering. “This is an offsite medical facility Colonel. It does not have a name, but it’s official designation is “Building 314.”

Amp was guided to a large set of double doors plated in steel. The sergeant depressed the comm button.

“General Montes, Colonel Paien is here to see you sir.”

Amp contemplates the building designation and the name General Montes, trying to remember if either was ever mentioned during his career.

“Thank you Sergeant, please see him in.” came the reply.

The with a whining hum the doors slowly swung open. Snapping to attention the Sergeant gave Amp a salute and said “The General will see you now Colonel.”

Amp snapped to attention and returned the Sergeant’s salute before entering through the doorway. Amp walks with purpose towards the General’s desk. Upon reaching his destination Amp snaped to attention, lands a solid salute, and clearly states “Colonel Paien reporting as instructed General!”

Without rising from his chair General Montes states “At ease Colonel.” and motions for Amp to take a seat.

Amp adjusts his possessions next to himself and takes a seat saying “Thank you sir.”

General Montes leans forward on his desk and interlaces his fingers. “Mr. Paien, I am here to answer any question you may have before you make your transition into civilian life. So please speak freely.”

Amp shuffled in his seat, leaning forward he asked “Begging the general’s pardon sir, but during my long career with the military I don’t believe I ever heard of building 314 or yourself General. I thought I made myself pretty knowledgeable in knowing all the higher ranking staff officers and for some reason your name doesn’t ring a bell. Might you tell me who you are and where I am sir?”

General Montes sat back in his chair and calmly proclaims “I am General Louis Montes, executive officer to the Surgeon General. As you already stated, you are in what is known as Building 314. Certain locations as well as staff are better known than others. These protocols are in place for reasons of security Mr. Paien.”

Amp still puzzled states “I understand sir and I apologize if I offended you in my lack of knowledge, but what is this location and why am I here? Come to think of it, why are all my tattoo’s and scars gone?”

General Montes calmly answers “During your final round of inoculations you suffered a rare medical event which caused you to develop blisters and suffer from Encephalitis. Encephalitis is an inflammation of the brain. Due to the Encephalitis, you fell into a coma. The blisters were so severe that you had to undergo extensive plastic surgery, thus the absence of tattoos and scars.”

Amp clearly showing signs of surprise “Encephalitis sir?” his voice showing signs of distress says “How long have I been out sir?”

General Montes’ tone softens somewhat and says “Son, you’ve been out for almost 2 years.”

Amp clearly shaken sits back in his seat whispering “2 years”. After a minute or so Amp regains his composure and sits up stating “Sir my apologies for my behavior and my utmost gratitude for everything that this hospital has done for me.” Amp begins to stand and snap to attention when the words Mr. Paien ring in his head and he corrects himself to just shake the General’s hand.

General Montes stands and completes the handshake. Smiling at Amp he says . “The Emperium thanks you for your service. Mr.Paien.”

Amp starts to turn toward the door before stopping and asking “ Excuse me General should I talk to the sergeant in regards to getting a ride home? I am sure my family wants to see me after all this coma nonsense.”

“There should already be conveyance waiting for you out front Mr.Paien.” The General said in smooth tones. “The good sergeant will escort you.”

“Thank you again sir!!!” Paien states and lifts his garment bag and heads out the door. Amp seeing the sergeant waiting for him smiles and say “ Lead the way sergeant.” before taking up behind him.

The sergeant escorts Amp to the street level of the building. As they exit the building Amp is greeted by well dressed man holding the door open to a grav-limo. The driver smiles at Amp and says “Mr. Paien, I am your driver for today. Where may I take you sir?”

Amp handed his bags over to the driver and then turned to shake the sergeant’s hand and says “Thank you Sergeant and be safe.” Amp then gave the driver his home address before entering the limo.

The trip was long but the ride was comfortable. There is minimal conversation between Amp and the limo driver as Amp is still coming to grips with news of his coma.

The limo arrives in front of a well appointed cottage. The limo driver opens the door and Amp exits the vehicle. After collecting his bags and tipping the driver Amp stood and stared at his house for a few minutes. He thinks to himself “Wow it’s been a long time since I’ve seen you.” Eventually he approached the front door and opened it. In this neighborhood there was never a need to lock anything. Amp enter yelling “ Mama, Io sono a casa finalmente!”(I am finally home).

In the back of the house in the kitchen Amp heard a dish break. Running to the noise Amp saw his mother staring at him, a broken plate at her feet, and tears of joy in her eyes. Mrs. Paien ran to her son and hugged him tightly.

“I knew you were alive.” she said through the tears. After hugging him she stood up straight and slaps Amp across the face “Why you make me think you were not coming home?! Why you no call me?!”

Amp thrilled to be home just said “Ti voglio bene mamma.” (I love you mom).

Mom and son sat in the kitchen and had dinner together for the first time in years. Amp was on his third serving of pasta when Mrs. Paien said “I knew you were alive.”

Amp with a mouth full of pasta said “Who said I was dead mamma?”

“The army!” she said with disgust. “They have even been paying me monthly to keep me quiet!”

“You mean the Marines.” Amp corrected.

Mrs. Paien threw her hands in the air “Army, Navy, Marines,whatever! I know you do those secret missions. They make up stories so no ones knows. But mamma knows! They want to pay me? I take their credits. I say nothing to nobody anyways.”

Amp listened to his mother’s answers. Somethings didn’t add up. “Why would the Marines tell her he was dead?” he thought to himself.

“So what you gonna do now?” said Mrs. Paien. “You home for good?”

“Yes mamma.” said Amp reassuringly.”Until I can find another job.”

Mrs. Paien grabbed Amp by the cheeks and beamed a smile at him. “Ah! You're a good boy!”
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PostPosted: Thu Nov 05, 2015 4:46 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

This link is for a related post regarding Anton Paien. It was originally posted in the event timeline, but the link is provided here for continuity of this thread.

CLICK HERE to view this related post.
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