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225-1116 End-Game (Postings for Events Immediately After)

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PostPosted: Mon Aug 03, 2015 9:50 pm    Post subject: 225-1116 End-Game (Postings for Events Immediately After) Reply with quote

His Imperial Grace, Harlo Erghal The Duke of Rhylanor
Her Grace Lady Sara Erghal The Duchess of Rhylanor

request the honor and pleasure of your company to attend and participate at the investiture of

Mister Daniel Kowalski

as Chancellor of Antiquities of the Rhylanor Subsector

at five o’clock in the evening on Sanday, Two Twenty Five, Eleven Sixteen

The Grand Lobby of the Museum of Rhylanori History Arcology 2811, Level 612C Olavopolis, Rhylanor

The End-Game of the adventures of the I.M.V. Arcadia and Carter J. Burke.

Above is the seating plan for the Grand Lobby of the Museum of Rhylanori History Arcology 2811, Level 612C, Olavopolis, Rhylanor. This is the location for the investiture of Mister Daniel Kowalski as Chancellor of Antiquities of the Rhylanor Subsector.

This is where the end game played out for the I.M.V. Arcadia.
The Red area indicates the Main explosion of the TDX charge – damage begins at 50, centered on South Table A1. The damage radiates from there, 25 points in the yellow, 12 points in green. The green numbers show the damage at particular tables. The number shows the reduction in force as the blast goes through materials. People beyond this circles do suffer cuts and bruises, but nothing worth reporting as ‘damage needing recovery.’

No one on the dais was injured by the TDX explosion, but His Eminence Father Guido Sarducci suffer at least four points of damage from the weapons fired towards the Dias. In full Battle Dress, Harper managed to protect Father Sarducci and the perceived targets of His Grace, Harlo Erghal, Duke of Rhylanor and the Lady Sara Erghal, Duchess of Rhylanor.
On the Stage is a 20 person dais, podium in the center with 10 seats to either side. The seating arrangement here starts from the right of the podium moving right, looking at the stage.

Tables are North, South, and West and numbered within their area. Each table seats 10. Some of the Tables are listed below and some of the known guests are included.

All Western tables are support staff, including, but not limited to; Aides, Attaches, Press, some civilians, and personal Bodyguards. Most personal bodyguards are seated in West Row D.

Courtesans and aides to anyone on the dais were seated at North and South tables D1. As such, Eusto B. Kuhl, Assistant Attache to Count Banoi, was killed in the blast. Imperial Courtesan to Chancellor Daniel Kowalski, Kaagira Nakasue, had left the table to locate Imperial Courtesan Dionyssia “Danni” Zakhukili, at the time of the explosion she would have been near or about D4. Kaagira Nakasue was seriously wounded. Whereas Imperial Courtesan Eshi, Courtesan to Lady Sara, Duchess of Rhylanor had been assigned to table North D1, she had gotten up to assist with the Rhylanori Royal Officials seated North tables A1 and A2. When the blast occurred, Courtesan Eshi and most all of the Royal officals were killed. Danni was in the very far Southwest corner with Mac at the time of the blast.

Once the explosion occurred, a dozen uniformed wait staff personnel began pulling sub-machine guns from their carts. Anton “Amp” Marsale Paien, Gannon “Mac” Mackenzie, and Rsaellak “Rascal” Grafrath began engaging these mercenaries. However, it was very clear they had a primary target – the dais, though it was not clear whether the target was Father Sarducci or Harlo Erghal, Duke of Rhylanor. Very little attention was paid by the mercenaries to anyone other than the dais.

Harper had intercepted a marksman’s bullet at least twice. Harper’s battledress powered up and he blasted the location of the mercenary gunman with the high-powered rifle, vaporizing him and sending a glow into Rhylanor’s night sky.

Amp, Mac, Rascal and Harper engaged the dozen machine-gun welding mercenaries, though near the end security personnel fired smartly at the mercs.

The entire explosion-gun battle was over in less than 30 seconds.
Below are just some of the assigned seating and some of the known guests. Those in RED are dead, those in YELLOW are seriously wounded, and those in GREEN are moderately wounded. Everyone not on the dais and in West row “D” received some sort of superficial wound. All are covered dust and debris.

WOUNDS: Observed Values of Damage Level to Strength, Dexterity and Endurance.
Superficial None reduced to zero (flesh wound).
Minor 1 reduced to zero (moderate wound).
Major 2 reduced to zero (serious wound).
Destroyed All reduced to zero (death).
GM Note: Some persons can be saved from death, some can eventually die of serious wounds. So don’t go nuts on the math, the casualties are otherwise sound.

South Tables

A1: Noble Military Order of Shuynuka, includes; His Grace, Duke Grand Admiral Ugato Sakitume, I.N. (Ret), Duke of the Noble Military Order of Shuynuka, His Grace, Sector Admiral Ship’s Doctor Matthew "Doc" Aragon, M.D., I.N. (Ret.), Duke of the Order of Shuynuka, and Captain Jocasta Samara Cameron, Baroness of Order of Shanuka.
A2: Instellarms - Military hardware, military units, strategic planning.
A3: Ling-Standard Products - Mining, electronics, vehicles, weapons, consumer goods: Includes, Roger Sterling
A4: Geschichtkreis Sternschiffbau AG: GSbAG (popularly known as Gas-bag) has restricted itself almost exclusively to the manufacture of starships. Though someone could have survived.
A5: General Products, LIC: Largely concerned with heavy industry, General is a manufacturer of starships, non-starships, and heavy machinery of all sorts: Includes; John Hammond, Senior Vice President of Research and Development
A6: Delgado Trading - Military hardware, miniaturization, minerals, publishing, trading, recreational products.
A7: Sternmetal Horizons - Mining, manufacturing, energy supplies, food synthesis
A8: Venturprise is headquartered on Rhylanor, and grew out of an antebellum company called Spinward Development.
A9: University of Rhylanor personnel; Half seriously wounded, half moderately wounded.
A10: Rhylanor Institute of Technology (RIT) personnel; including Gannon McKenzie, Professor Roy Hinkley, and the Dean of Students.

B1: Retired Imperial Scout Service
B2: Retired Imperial Naval Personnel
B3: Retired Imperial Marine League; includes Captain Sir Philipe Martinez, Imperial Marines (Retired)
B4: Retired Imperial Army Veterans
B5: Merchant Marine Association
B6: Lothrain Free Company (LFC); Includes Haro Lothrain, Jenna Marcuro, and Desna Greer.
B7: Magneto Dynamics, LIC., Fulacin Mining Facility: Includes, Dr. Carlo Damiani, PhD., General Manager.
B8: Frontier Museum on Fulacin; Includes; Museum Archivist Mr. Atoz
B9: Supreme Council of Antiquities (SCA)Though some are only moderately wounded.
B10: Fellowship for Advanced Research; This includes Stephen, Mac’s tutor at R.I.T.

C1: Royal Society of Antiquaries of Rhylanor
C2: Royal Society of Antiquaries of Porozlo
C3: Federation of Archaeological Managers and Employers
C4: Local Planetary Dignitaries: Includes; Chief Councilman George W. Jones (Gandr).
C5: Non-Royal Social Standing >10
C6: Non-Royal Social Standing >10. Though some would die
C7: Local “TV” Stars
C8: Local “Radio” Stars. Though some are moderately wounded.
C9: Independent Archaeologists Association: Includes; Wilhelm "Bill" Dietz aka William "Bill" Barker and Garth Fedora.
C10: Daystrom Datatronics – Computer Software Company

North Tables

A1: Other top Rhylanori Royal Officials.
A2: More top Rhylanori Royal Officials.
A3: Hortalez et Cie - Banking, investments, finance arrangements; includes Station Head Flavio Briatore and Yanagi Slanke.
A4: Zirunkariish - Capital investment, real estate, insurance.. Though some are seriously wounded.
A5: Schunamann und Sohn AG, LIC: SuSAG engages in a wide range of chemical, pharmaceutical, and geneering activities: Includes Dr. Count Lucius Metz, M.D., Ph.D. (L.O.I.S.)
A6: Sharurshid - Trade and speculation, luxury goods.
A7: Makhidkarun - Communications, computers, entertainment, recreation. Though some are moderately wounded.
A8: Naasirka - Information retrieval hardware and software, robots, electronics. Though some are moderately wounded.
A9: Tukera Lines - Passenger and freight transport, trade and speculation.
A10: Rhylanori Ministry of Trade (MT) – which keeps a watchful eye on all mercantile activity. Though some are only superficially wounded.
A11: Ministry of Antiquities: Press office. Only superficial wounds.

B1: Brotherhood Church of Rhylanor: Includes Brother Antonio Montana
B2: Andromeda Casino Corporation: Includes Brother Vito Castellano, who was absent.
B3: Gemstar Traders, LIC
B4: Kirgashii Noble Family: Royal ruling Duke’s family prior to His Grace, Harlo Erghal.
B5: Count(ess) of Celepina: County that includes Rhylanor
B6: Archaeological Institute of Rhylanor (AIR) Though some are moderately wounded.
B7: Research Laboratory for Archaeology and the History of Art Though some are moderately wounded.
B8: Count of Bendor: Includes; Eliot Kent Zelig, Count of Bendor, Maquis of County Bendor in line for The Duchy of Glisten; Countess Elena Zelig; Nora Martin. Except for Noah Floyd and Jeffery Phineas, Company Representative for the Mega-Corporation, Hortalez et Cie LIC. Who are only superficially wounded.
B9: Galactic Excursion Management (GEM) – Top Tier Luxury Transport company. A few are moderately wounded.
B10: Fellows of the Society of Antiquaries of Rhylanor
B11: Research Laboratory for Archaeology and the History of Art

C1: The Grand Loyal Order of the Sisterhood of Imperial Courtesans. Includes; The Lady Commander who is voice at the other end of the vid phone
C2: Imperial Office Of Noble Affairs, Rhylanor; Including Director, Sir Leonard Nimoy.
C3: Antares Holdings, LIC
C4: Murdoch Holdings, LIC Though some are moderately wounded.
C5: Local Planetary Dignitaries Though some are moderately wounded.
C6: Command Staff of the Rhylanor Orbital Starport (R.O.S.) or “Ross”; Includes Chief Inspector Jacques Clouseau, Starport Authority Police Department (SAPD). Though some are moderately wounded.
C7: Entertainment Holo-Vid Stars Though some are moderately wounded.
C8: Entertainment Holo-Vid Stars Though some are superficially wounded.
C9: Minor Family and Friends for Other top Rhylanori Royal Officials. Most are only superficially wounded
C10: Minor Family and Friends for More top Rhylanori Royal Officials. A few are superficially wounded.
C11: Guests of the Dais: This includes former employees, outstanding employees, favor owed, etc.
C12: Private Archeological Research (PAR); Includes the crew of the SS Mutant Enemy; Adelle DeWitt (F), Anthony Ceccoli (M), Victor Lubov (M), Paul Ballard (M), Boyd Langton (M), Caroline Farrell (F), Priya Tsetsang (F), Laurence Dominic (M), Topher Brink (M), and Dr. Claire Saunders (F).

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PostPosted: Mon Aug 03, 2015 9:51 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

This space is reserved for the story of what happened and how. It can be a story submitted by anyone through the GM or you can wait.

The mechanical details are in the previous post and the next post.

The colorful perspective recap version will have to wait a little – any takers? Please contact the GM.

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PostPosted: Mon Aug 03, 2015 10:09 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Material Pending.

This is where some immediate aftermath information will go. Figure within the next day or two.

Police, MoJ, Royal Guards and the like will want to interview specific characters. Especially; Kari, Harper, Amp, Mac, and Rascal. Easier interviews will go for Beef, Erica, Danni, and Sabrina.

At this point we know the following:

• Brother Vito Castellano is unaccounted for, though the Brotherhood Moving and Storage and the mercenary SMG-welding wait staff can be traced to him. Two of his bodyguards were found dead in Burke’s apartment (as well as Burke). The drugs can be traced to both Burke and Brother Vito.
• As mentioned, Carter J. Burke was found dead in his apartment. Burke’s messages to the I.M.V. Arcadia are now available to the authorities.
• Miranda Krios has escaped and is unaccounted for.
• Ski is being called a hero for saving the life of the Duke. Ski’s friends are the reason, not to mention Ski’s own actions.
• Harper is “da MAN” for his actions. All charges dropped.

Game mechanics – it takes one (1) day of proper medical care to regain any damage points. So most folks are going to be out for some time. Of note, Kaagria 17-20 days and Yanagi 20-24 days.

The events took place around 9 PM on 225-1116.

Posting play may begin from this point.

Never ride faster than your guardian angel can fly.
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PostPosted: Tue Aug 04, 2015 7:40 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

This is a joint post between LukeDev75 and Coinich

This scene takes place almost immediately after the shooting stops. Back at the event hall.

Gannon’s heart simply ached as he saw the woman he cared for… no… loved... slump against the wall of the ballroom. Tears were streaming down her face. Her black dress now colored more grey than black due to the dust that, even now, was still settling to the floor. He noticed that one of her earrings was missing. Her hair somewhat matted and disheveled. Her knees were cut and bloodied. And, despite the horror of the moment, he couldn’t help but notice how absurd it looked that she had on a formal cocktail dress and held an Imperial Navy cutlass in her hand, the owner of which probably wasn’t missing it any longer.

But Gannon couldn’t be more proud of his lover. She had kept her cool during the whole explosion and immediate aftermath. She had single purpose of thought. Gannon couldn’t keep her down as she made her way to the epicenter of the explosion, the table that held the members of the The Noble Military Order of Shuynuka. He had known, instinctively, that she would have been absolutely deadly with that sword, had one of the assassins gotten between her and her destination.

Danni’s presence of mind to locate her patron was truly admirable. What he couldn’t prepare her for… was what she saw when she found him. He knew that moment would stay with her for the rest of her life.

As he made his way toward her, the Imperial Navy cutlass in her hand dropped with a clatter to the ground.

Her eyes seemed somewhat hollow, but he could still see her thinking. Always thinking. He knew that even now she was running calculations about how the political landscape had changed, as well as the cascading algorithms that sprang from it as a result.

Tuning out the noise of the site, the sirens, the first responders giving orders. Those injured patrons who could leave were still making their way out, talking excitedly. Mac took off his tuxedo jacket, which, despite being torn in several places, still worked it’s purpose. He pulled her to him, albeit somewhat limply, as if she seemed to not care what was happening to her at that moment. Hugging her deeply, he put the jacket over her shoulders, bare from the cocktail dress.

“He’s gone.”, she flatly stated, somewhat quietly.

“I know. There was nothing you could have done.”

“Doc’s gone. They’re all gone.”

“Shhhhhh”, Mac consoled.

“All the blood.” she said, her voice almost a whisper now.

“I know, baby, I know.”

“All the bodies…”, she whispered, her voice trailing off.

Both hands on her shoulders, Mac pushes her away to arms-length. Quickly looking her up and down, he saw newly renewed tears streaking down her face. New tracks appearing where dust had stuck to the old. His heart sunk like he had never felt before. He had not known he could care so much for someone.

Wiping the tears from her cheeks, “Are you hurt?”, he questioned. Trying to change the topic.

“No.”, she responds quickly. Then, somewhat snapping out of her previous mindset, she continued, “No, I’m alright.”

Her eyes regained some focus as she looked him over for injury as well. Seeing the various rips and tears of his tuxedo, she suddenly exclaims, “Oh my God! Mac, what about you? Are you alright?”

“I’m ok.”

Looking him in the eyes, her voice is quiet and somewhat breaking, tears just barely being held back, “Are you sure?”

A forced smile on his face, “Yes, honey, I’m sure.”

“What about Kaagira and Eshi?”, she asked, thinking of her two best friends from the Sisterhood. “And Ski?”, she threw in at the last moment, her mind still clearly reeling from the mental blow of the moment.

“I don’t know, kid. But I’m sure they’re all fine.”

“Oh Mac.”, she whispered, as she threw her head into his shoulder, and began sobbing uncontrollably.
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PostPosted: Sat Aug 08, 2015 8:19 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

The following is a joint post between Bronze, LukeDev75 and Coinich.

This posting takes place within approximately 2 hours after the explosion.

“Thank you, Miss Zakhukili.“ the Security Interviewing Bot stated. “We apologize for delaying your evening. The Olavopolis Police Department will be in further contact with you as needed. Have a pleasant evening.”

“Insensitive bastards!” Mac utters, under his breath, as he looks at the tears streaking down Danni’s face. As they left the security perimeter around the blast site, Mac was holding Danni’s arm, his torn tuxedo jacket still draped over her shoulders.

As they clear the perimeter, Danni sees a grav-stretcher being pushed with someone she knows on it. Danni breaks free of Mac’s grasp and runs toward the stretcher.

“Lady Commander!”, she yells out as she approaches the medical attendants.

“She can’t hear you ma’am.”, one of the attendants will reply. “She’s been sedated for transport.”

“Oh God! How bad is she?”, the concern clearly evident in her voice.

“Can’t say for sure ma’am. It’s pretty serious.”

“Where are you taking her?”

“Olavopolis General”, came the reply as the attendants loaded the Lady Commander of the Grand Loyal Order of the Sisterhood of Imperial Courtesans into the ambulance.

“Please take good care of her.”, Danni implored them.

“Yes, ma’am. We will.” They got into the ambulance and quickly departed… sirens blaring, adding to the cacophony of emergency vehicle noise already present.

“C’mon, kid.”, Mac said. “Let’s let these folks do what they need to.”

Suddenly, a reporter appeared in front of the couple. His hololens in front of one of his eyes, “Excuse me, Miss… Zakhukili.” Clearly his hololens had identified Danni, “Were you in the Hall when the explosion happened? What can you tell me about it?”

Mac held up his hand, “The lady’s not talkin’!”, through gritted teeth.

Danni just glared at the reporter.

The reporter looks at his hand comp and then back up, “Miss Zakhukili… what comments do you have regarding Chancellor Kowalski and his Assistant being transported to the hospital for treatment? Tell us what you saw from…”

Mac placed his body in front of the reporter. He was squared off against the reporter. The message was perfectly clear.

“Hey, I got a job to do.”, the reporter responded, almost whining, backing down.

“Your job is to leave the lady alone for now. You got me?”

The reporter slinked away, looking for other prey to stalk. The pair continued their walk down the street to catch a taxi, in an area free of first responders... and media.

“Gannon”, she said while looking straight ahead.


“That reporter said that Kaagira and Ski are in the hospital for treatment. I would like to go see them.”

“You sure you don’t want to just go home and rest?

“I’m sure that I want to see how my good friends are doing.”, somewhat testily.

“Alright then, let’s catch a cab to the hospital and see what’s going on.”

The cab ride to Olavopolis General Hospital took about 10 minutes. Mac spent the trip wishing that she would stop talking.

“And, with Duke Sakitume being killed, that puts pressure on the Order to step up and provide for a new Duke of the Order for Rhylanor. I suspect that Duke Carl would have to step back into the office. Although he is already retired. He would most likely step-in pro-temp until the get they conclave together. That will take some time. Duke Brak is too frail, I suspect. Although Duchess Mitsy could be a viable option.” Danni droned on-and-on.

Mac nodded where he thought appropriate, and said the occasional “Yes”, and “Uh huh.”, where it seemed to fit into the conversation. “Sometime she’s gonna catch on that I don’t listen to all that noblese nonsense.”, he thought to himself, privately.

“Count Roberts would be a viable candidate, but he’s not of the right rank at this point, and although there are now some ‘advancement’ opportunities, Roberts is too brash to lead the order…”

“At least the kid’s talking and not thinking about the horrible scene we just left. Keep on talking kid. That’s exactly what you need right now, a distraction.”

“... status of Count Metz, I’m not sure what happened to him. Did you see Count Metz after the explosion? I need to find out what happened to Count Metz to ensure uninterrupted sponsorship of the Foundation…”

“Keep on talkin’ kid. Whatever the hell it is that you’re talking about.” he smiled out of the corner of his mouth as he continued to feign interest in her conversation. “Uh huh.”

The cab pulled up to the OGH main entrance. Mac paid on the way out, and Danni hung up her phone.

“Kaagira is here, she’s in room 4153. Ski is is room 7503, the VIP floor.”

“Amazing how she finds stuff out like that with one call. That’s talent right there.”, he thought to himself.

Danni gave Mac a suddenly serious look, “Mac, They haven’t heard anything about Eshi. I’m not sure if she’s alive or dead. She was at my table. Kaagira was as well, and she ended up here.”

Mac nodded, somewhat waiting to see how the thought was finished.

She reached out toward him, and flicked back some strands of hair from his face. Putting the palm of her hand on his cheek, “Baby, would you please do me a favor and try to sweet talk the hospital staff to find out if Eshi is here? I’m going to see Kaagira.”

“She called me baby.”, he thought to himself. His ego being given a much needed shot in the arm on such a dreadful evening.

“You got it.” he leaned in and kissed her on the cheek, “Stay strong, kid. You don’t know what condition she’s in. Prepare yourself.”

She backed away slowly, nodding acknowledgement before turning on her heels and heading toward the elevators.

As Mac headed off to locate Eshi is mind kicked over to, “Baby, would you please do me a favor . . .” He shrugged and sighed, “Damn girl just played me.” A smile came across his face.

The door to room 4153 slid open silently. Danni crept in slowly, so as not to disturb anyone.

As she fully entered the room, she could make out Kaagira laying in the hospital bed. A hovering MedBot reading her vitals. It spun around and hovered over to a docking station. One of it’s little arms grabbed a syringe with a slightly purple fluid in it. It hovered back over to Kaagira and professionally administered a shot to her right arm. It then went back to it’s docking station and turned off.

Danni stared at Kaagira. Her silent contemplation was interrupted, “Hey, Miss Danni.”

It was Ski. He had been in the room the whole time. He was sitting by her bedside, his body mostly hidden by her prone form on the bed.

Walking around the bed over toward Ski, “Oh Ski. I’m so sorry all of this happened on your investiture. Are you alright?” Heading toward him to deliver a much needed hug, she realizes he is a little worse for wear for the night. His jaw was bruised, his tuxedo jacket was disheveled and the bandage that was wrapped around his torso was visible through his undone bloodstained shirt. “Daniel, are you supposed to be out of your room?”, she half chastises.

“I couldn’t just leave her down here alone."

Danni hugged him gently, then looked back at her friend in the bed. “Oh Kaagira, honey.”, Danni says to the unstirring Kaagira. Looking at Ski, “How bad is she?”

Ski’s gaze returns to Kaagira. “The doc hasn’t said much. She has a concussion and there are signs that she is suffering from pulmonary contusions. The doc also says……” Ski’s sentence trails off and his eyes begin to tear. He takes a deep breath and wipes his eyes with the back of his hand. “The doc says that she will be kept under close observation for the next few days because there may be other injuries they haven’t found yet.”

“I’m just happy you two are still alive.”, she says, sadly, while still looking at Kaagira. “I still can’t believe Doc is gone. So many dead…”, her voice trails off, breaking slightly.

Walking to Kaagira’s bedside, Danni lifts her hand and kisses it. “Don’t you leave me Kaagira Nakasue.”, she nervously jokes. Looking over at Ski, she sees his heart clearly displayed on his sleeve, “Don’t you leave us.”, she repeats slowly, and more quietly.

Reaching out to gently observe and touch Ski’s ever enlarging bruise on his jaw, “You love her?”

Ski nods.

“I thought so. You know... she loves you too.”, Danni afirms to him. “She’s never wanted to tell you, because… well...her job.”

"I've never been much concerned of her profession. I accept her for "her". Always have. But I understand. I've seen the challenges you and Mac had to overcome."

Looking back at the wavy blonde hair splayed around the pillowed head of Kaagira, “What’s not to love about her. She’s beautiful, fun and so determined. Did she ever tell you that we used to ride in horse competitions?” Looking somewhat conspiratorial, “She also knows how to curse you out really good in High Vilani. So watch out, Chancellor Kowalski, if you ever hear her yelling at you, and you only understand every third word. That would mean you’re in the doghouse.”

They both gave a short laugh and welcomed the humor, amid the spartan atmosphere of the hospital room.

First peering in, a solemn Gannon MacKenzie enters Kaagria’s hospital room. Danni knows him well now, and it is clear what he has discovered about Eshi. Danni’s humor is quickly lost, grabbing Kaagria’s limp hand tightly, she begins to cry.

“What?” Ski turns and sees Mac.

“Eshi.” Mac negatively nods his head.

Numb from all the negative news,Ski barely reacted to the news of Eshi's death.

Mac walks slowly over towards Danni. Looking first towards Kaagria, then at Ski, “How’s she?” with a tilt of his head.

"She's tore up pretty bad, but she'll pull through." Ski says optimistically.

Mac gently embraces Danni as she clings to her friend’s hand. “Hang in their kid. We’re all in this together.” He says to no one and the both of them.
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PostPosted: Mon Aug 10, 2015 6:15 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

This is a joint post by Coinich and Dorym

“Get on the boat!!” Harper is yelling. “Get on the damn boat!!

“What the hell was that?” Erica scolds angrily.”What the hell happened to you?”

Kari tries to clear her head. Miranda is gone. Everyone seems to be yelling. Burke is dead. She reaches for Erica to make sure she isn’t hurt and Erica shrugs her off. She’s pissed. Erica heads toward Harper and the Raptor. Kari grabs Burke’s computer and does the same. Once onboard she slumps to the floor. Erica has stopped yelling. She sits away from Kari, a nasty look in her eyes. Kari feels terrible. She froze. And now it’s all gone to sh**. She hears voices around her. Sabrina is telling Erica that Jocasta is dead. It doesn’t improve her mood. “I let everyone down” Kari thinks to herself.The raptor reaches the docking bay in the Arcadia. Erica storms off. Sabrina tries to be helpful and is talking to Kari. Kari doesn’t hear a word. She walks off the raptor and heads straight for her stateroom with the computer she retrieved from Burke’s residence.. She lays it on her desk and drops onto her bunk. The reality of the day’s events start sinking in. The Captain is dead. Miranda is still out there.

Kari sits quietly for almost an hour. She needs to talk to someone. She needs to hear all the details. She has to explain…..everything. Kari exits her stateroom and heads for engineering. The hallways are abandoned. The ship is eerily quiet as if the Arcadia herself is in mourning. She reaches her destination and steadies herself. She opens the door to engineering. Beef is sitting in his chair. feet on the floor head down with his hands over his face. Hearing the door open he looks up. “Kari lass.”

“Beef.” She barely manages….she’s crying.

A confused look comes over Beef’s face. This is something he would have never expected to see.

“Uh, come in lass. Come have a seat next ‘ta ol’ Beef.”, he taps the seat of a nearby chair he has pulled up beside him. “We’ve had a rough night, lass, but why the waterworks? C’mon now - tell your Beef what’s goin’ on in that pretty head of yours.” His eyes fixed on hers. It’s clear she has his full attention.

Kari breathes deep and slowly exhales trying to pull herself together. “It’s my fault Beef. All of it. I talked the Captain into staying. I guilted her. Attacked her sense of duty and responsibility. Made it impossible for her to walk away. Now she’s dead.” Kari walks slowly toward the chair and sits.

She looks Beef in the eyes. They’re a bit red too and not from the scotch he would normally have poured in a glass on his desk. His aura is sad too. But even so she can see him fighting it. Burying it deep and attempting to console her. She’s embarrassed by her outburst. She’s needs to be stronger than that. “I should have gone to the Investiture. I shouldn’t have sent you. I was so focused on getting Burke. I might have been able to save Jo. My god Beef. What if she had killed you. I’m not sure I could live with that. I know I tease you a lot but you’re the closest thing I’ve had to a father since…..” Her eyes wander away…”Victor.’ she offers softly. “Now he’s dead too. My fault as well.”

“Father...Oh well yes… umm.” Thinking back to the kiss he stole from Kari at the bar and suddenly feeling guilty, he redirects the conversation. “Lass, no one could have known, or guessed, that weasel Burke would have planted a bomb there...under the Captain’s table no less. Beef’ll remind ya lass that It wasn’t just the Captain he murdered... but many others as well. By the Prophets, lass, you canna blame yourself for that. It’s a good thing you put that madman down.”

Looking back at Beef she meets his gaze, “Can and do……Why shouldn’t I?” Kari looks away.

“Because we are each grown adults, lass, and we each make our own decisions.” Beef leans back in his chair, “Matter of fact, one of Beef’s religious edicts tells him: All that I touch, I change. All that I change, changes me.” Beef waxes somewhat philosophically. “The only truth is change.” he concludes.

Taking a moment to let it sink in, he continues, “Look at ol’ Beef, now lass.” Kari snaps her head toward Aengus.

“Do ya really think ol’ Beef could have traveled so much. experienced so much of the universe if he let every bad thing that happened to him… and let me tell you there were plenty of ‘em... weigh him down? No. Blaming yourself for something that you clearly couldn’t change is a fool’s errand lass. If the Cap’n had left the ship, she most likely would have been at the event anyway.”

“It’s more than just the Captain, Beef. Miranda my….”

“Whoa, whoa there lass.”, he says, holding up his hand to stop her speaking. “Uh.. let’s see... C.A.S.S.I.E... disable audio and video recording in Engineering.”

There is a pause. Kari blankly adds, “Override sequence N7-364263.”

“Confirmed.” Comes the digitized response.

Muttering to himself for a moment, “That infernal computer of yours torments ol’ Beef lass.” as he shakes his head at the nearest speaker.

Kari’s tone is sullen, “Sorry. She does like you though Beef.” Kari stands and paces a bit. “The assassin was my sister Beef. My baby sister. Look what they did to her. Look what they made her do. How do I fix this. Maybe if I hadn’t left. I should’ve been here to look after her. How do I not hold myself at fault? Miranda is my responsibility. I failed her Beef.”

“Whoa, whoa, lass, you got ta slow down for ‘ol Beef. He canna keep up. So… let us understand… the woman who caused aaallll this trouble tonight… was your baby sister? Are ya expectin’ Beef ta believe that?”

“Didn’t you recognize her Beef?” Kari stops and glares at Beef, “You did kiss us both.”

Ignoring the quip, “Of course, he recognized her, but she’s the one ta blame for the bomb too?”

“Don’t you dare blame her!” Kari’s face is flush with anger, “Someone forced her to do it.”

“By the prophets, lass, you are on edge tonight.”, Beef proclaims. “We need to take the edge off a bit now, don’t we.” Reaching for his not-so-secret-bottom-desk-drawer-stash of Scotch, Beef pulls out two low ball glasses, blows them out and wipes the insides with his aloha shirt. He pours the amber nectar into the glasses. Handing one to Kari, “Here. Drink. All of it. Now!”

Kari eyes the glass suspiciously, “If you try to kiss me again I’ll cut off your lips.” and empties the scotch before placing the glass down near Beef.

“So let us understand where we are. So your sister… baby sister, is involved in this assassination attempt on the Duke of Rhylanor?”, he takes a swig, and puts the glass down.

He grabs the bottle and tops off his pour. He holds the bottle out to pour Kari another while talking, “And… wait a minute… who is THEY? You said look what they did to her. Look what they made her do. Would ya mind explainin’ that to ol’ Beef first, lass.” Looking at her, he finishes, “Drink.”

“The Blackthorne trained her, Burke supplied the drugs but who’s pulling the strings….I don’t know.” Kari drinks from the glass. “But I do know two things. She remembered me, and she wasn’t trying to kill the Duke.”

Thinking, “So this… Blackthorne… trained you as well?”

Reaching beneath her armor she draws forth a pendant. Platinum chain with a black diamond thorn. Kari holds it out for second before letting it fall to her breast.

“Ah, and the drugs ye are referrin’ to are the drugs we moved to set up Mister Burke?”

She nods.

“Do ya think the Brotherhood is pullin’ the strings? Beef’s heard that this Father Suchinsuch is not a nice guy.”

“They were going to distribute for sure. I don’t think they masterminded the attack. In fact I believe Brother Vito tried to take advantage of the chaos to eliminate the ‘good’ father and move up. I should have killed him...Another mistake.”

“Bah, mistake. We don’t think so. Too many people are dyin’ around here.” Thinking for a brief second, “Kari, lass. Level with ol Beef. Did this Blackthorne train you to be an assassin, like your sister?”

Kari’s expression turns cold. Beef could swear that the temperature in the room just dropped a few degrees. “I was 22 when I cleared my first contract.”

“For the government?”

“They are called black warrants”

Shifting uneasily in his chair, “And… Miranda worked for the government too, Beef is guessing.”

“Oh god no.I never wanted any of this for her. Victor trained her when I left. Against my wishes.”

Rubbing his right temple, “By Bannock’s foul breath lass, Beef’s hearin’ things that probably shouldn’t be told ta him.”

He pauses the conversation to give a much needed pour to both of them.

“So let’s get back on track here, lass. How do ya figure that Duke Ergahl wasn’t the target?”

“He’s still alive.” she answers plainly.

Beef just stares, momentarily stunned by the brevity of the response.

“And so am I. That’s how I know she recognized me. She could have killed me….and Erica too….I froze Beef. I never freeze. Erica could’ve been killed because I hesitated.”

“But she wasn’t.”

“We were lucky. I couldn’t harm my sister. Thankfully she didn’t harm us…..”

“And now she’s gone. Safely into the winds. It sounds like the trail went cold. The Prophets know that ol’ Beef couldn’t keep track of her on the tricorder even.”

“I can’t leave it like this Beef. I owe Jo more than that.”

“What can you do? You can’t bring anyone back, lass. Ya can only go forward and try ta do the best you possibly can. That’s the way you honor the Captain’s memory.”

Kari’s look becomes more serious. “My best puts the people who did this in the ground. If I can bring Miranda in, maybe Erica can help me straighten her out…...If Erica doesn’t hate me.”

Beef will give a slight chuckle, “Aye lass, she hates ya now, she does. That much is true. But if we know that lass, she’ll be fine within a day or two. You two need to have a good, old-fashioned, heart-to-heart... and all will be fine.” Waving his finger in the air, “And what’s this business about bringing Miranda in? There’ll be none of that on this ship. She’s dangerous. You should let the government handle the bringing-in part.”

“I’m dangerous…...and you love me. I don’t trust the government to bring her in. If they suspect it was her who set off the bomb there’s sure to be a black warrant issued. I can’t let that happen.” Kari stands. “Thanks Beef. I better go speak to Erica…..If she’ll see me.”

Taking another drink from his nearly empty glass, “Lass, can ‘ol Beef ask you a personal question before ya go?”

Kari pauses midway between the chair and the door, “Of course my dear Beef.”

“How did ya do it?... yer first time.”

Kari walks toward the door and as it opens turns to look at Beef. Her eyes narrow and she answers him in a cool tone. “I poisoned his scotch.” She turns away as an evil grin plays across her face and the door closes behind her.

Beef looks at the door, then his scotch, and back at the door, unsure whether to drink or not. Shrugging his shoulders in resignation, he pounds the last of the scotch, his mind reeling with more questions unanswered than answered.

“We always knew there was somethin’ special about that lass.”
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PostPosted: Sat Aug 22, 2015 1:27 pm    Post subject: Ski's Recap Reply with quote

Ski sat on the couch in the dimly lit living room of Kaagira’s condo. A half empty bottle of scotch sat on the end table next to him. Kaagira’s absents made the condo’s atmosphere feel empty.

Ski took a sip from his glass. He was thankful Kaagira was still alive.

He stared across the room at nothing in particular. His mind was swimming from the thoughts of all of the funerals he had attended, all of the eulogies he had given, and the innumerable amount of sympathy, thank you and get well correspondences he had sent out.

He drained the remaining contents of his glass hoping the alcohol would dull the emotional pain. He reached for the near empty bottle of scotch and refilled his glass. Still cradling the scotch bottle, Ski took a long pull from his glass. As he swallowed the amber fluid, he began to recall the horrific events that took place during his investiture.

His thoughts drifted to Kaagira’s blue dress and how stunning she looked and the waitress’s soulless blues eyes and how empty they looked. He thought of Danni’s emotional reaction when they had heard that Eshi had been killed in the blast and the waitress, as she emotionlessly refilled his champagne flute. He remembered the panic the he felt as the blast that took Doc’s life ripped through The Grand Lobby of the museum and how calmly the waitress walked away as dozens of people lay dead or dying. He mused how Harper crashed through the ceiling of The Grand Lobby of the museum, deflecting a kill shot meant for the Duke and preceded straight through the floor below. His reverie became more serious again as he thought of how he chased down the calm, emotionless, soulless, blue eyed assassin. How tackling the assassin was like tackling a marble statue; and how she swatted him away as if he were nothing more than an insect.

“That bitch aint of this ‘verse.” Ski said to himself as he poured the remaining contents of the bottle into his glass.

As Ski returned the scotch bottle to its resting place on the end table, his gaze met the gaze of the statue of Alvolka. This time the jovial overweight god of protection appeared to be looking on Ski with sympathy.

Ski lifted he glass in a salute to the statue and said aloud in a solemn tone “Thank you for listening.”
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The following is a joint post between Bronze and Dorym

The door to Engineering closes and Kari is walking down the hall toward the crew cabins. Nothing has changed since she left her stateroom about an hour ago. The hallways are silent. She encounters no one along the way. She pauses for a moment standing in front of Erica’s door. A few moments pass, then a few more. She sighs and lightly raps on the door. “Maybe she’s in medical. I should probably check there. She’s just about to turn away when the door opens. Erica is standing in the portal. She frowns.


“I wanted to… I thought I’d…” Kari’s fumbling her words. “Are you ok?”

Erica continues to glare.

“I mean are you hurt?”

“Fine no thanks to you.”

“”I know. Can we talk. May I come in for a minute?”

Erica turns and steps away from the doorway. “Whatever.”

Kari enters and the door closes behind her.

Erica sits on her bunk and looks directly at Kari. “So….” Her expression is cold and accusing.

“I’m sorry Erica. It all happened so fast. I mean I expected her to show up and I’d gone over in my head what I’d do. Then she was there and you fired and things were happening so fast. I thought I’d have a minute to try and talk her down. I never thought….”

“No. that’s the problem. You did think. You needed to react. You can play the simple data analyst crap with the rest of the crew but I know different. We’ve worked together. We’re partners. I’ve seen spec ops before. I know you’re spec ops. You are trained to react to what’s in front you. And what was in front of you was a murderous psychopath. What the hell Kari?”

“She’s my sister Erica. Did you expect me to just shoot her no questions asked? Kill my sister without trying to save her first? Do you really think I could hurt her any more than I could hurt you? What kind of monster do you think I am?”

“What I expect is that you protect your partner.” Erica snaps back though a pang of guilt gives her pause. She is Kari’s sister. Erica can’t imagine what that must feel like.

“I have and I always will. She tazed you Erica. Even after you shot her twice. She chose a less than lethal response. That tells me Miranda is still in there somewhere. It gives me hope she can be saved. She didn’t try to kill you and she didn’t try to kill me. I misjudged how quickly she would attack though. I should have taken her to the ground. I froze I’m sorry. But you have to believe me…...If I thought for a second….If there was any doubt she was trying to…..” Kari takes a deep breath. “I would have put her down…..and hated myself for it. I would never let her or anyone else ever hurt you.”

There is a awkward moment of silence. Neither woman looks at the other.

Kari, still feeling the guilt of jeopardizing Erica’s life, gazes at the floor.

Erica’s guilt grew as she looked past Kari at nothing in particular; contemplating what that moment must have been like for Kari. Erica focused her gaze back on Kari whose cheeks were glazed with tears. Erica slid off the end of her bunk, approached Kari, and lovingly embraced her friend. Through tears of her own she whispered into Kari’s ear “I’m sorry I judged you.”

Kari hugs Erica and lays her head against her shoulder. “So what do I do now? It’s all gone so bad. How do I fix all this?”

“You don’t. We do.” Erica responds assuredly. “Go get some rest. Doctors orders. We start fresh tomorrow.”

Kari manages a weak smile. “Thank you.”

“You’re welcome. Go. Rest. Now.”

As Kari turns and leaves Erica wonders, “Ok. How are we going to fix this….”
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PostPosted: Mon Oct 26, 2015 6:48 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

The following morning....

“CASSIE.” Kari is pacing in her stateroom.

‘Yes Kari.”

“Access secure personnel file: Jocasta Samara Cameron”

“Access Granted”

Kari’s tone is somber, “Update file. Jocasta Samara Cameron, Captain IMV Arcadia, killed in action during terrorist attack by rogue SuSAG agent Carter J. Burke.” There’s a pause as Kari feels the weight of her statement press down on her. “End of watch 225-1116. Status confirmed deceased.”

“Voice anomaly detected. Are you well Charissa.”

“Actually no. No I’m not. Authentication N7-J867-5309-A37”

“Authentication accepted. Update confirmed. I’m sorry for your loss Kari.” the feminine computer voice replies, “Shall I amend Security Protocols?”

Kari sighs, “Remove Captain Jocasta Samara Cameron from active user profiles. Terminate wrist computer connectivity. Delete all associated permissions and secure access.”

“Shall I upgrade Mr. MacLaren to acting captain?”

“Negative. Leave Priority One access closed for now.” She stops pacing long enough to raise her glass of scotch. “Travel well Jo. I’ll miss you.”, and drinks deep.

“Close secure personnel files”

“Files secure. Protection enabled.”

A few minutes pass as Kari considers what else needs to be done. Memorial arrangements need to be made. The crew will need to decide what direction to take. Who might assume control? Who will stay? Who will go? Is there any reason to stay?

Kari, you have a level 5 encrypted transmission incoming on a secure MoJ channel.

“On Screen CASSIE”

A well-dressed man in a custom suit appears on her monitor. “Assistant Coordinator Candidate Charissa Krios. My name is Special Agent Blake Aaron. I understand that this is poor timing but you are hereby ordered to appear before the Director of Special Operations for debriefing at the Ministry’s Office in Arbellatracon.”

“Retired Assistant Coordinator Candidate. I stopped taking orders from the Ministry over a year ago.”

“I was informed you might reply in such a manner.” He clears his throat obviously uncomfortable with what he’s about to say. “If you please, Director Shepard is asking you meet with her.”

“And if I refuse?”

Instinctively he retorts, “You would leave me no recourse but to have a warrant issued for your arrest.” The man scans a piece of paper clipped to the file folder in front of him. He frowns and continues, “It appears such action would not be authorized. I don’t know who you are Special Agent Krios or who you think you are but the Ministry is not accustomed to asking people if they will do us the courtesy of meeting. You are an O5 ACC and as such will never truly be retired.”

“Is that so?” Kari’s tone was challenging.”

Agent Aaron pauses, “I don’t understand why... but for whatever reason you are being given special dispensation. What shall I tell Director Shepard?”

“You can tell Jenny I’ll come in tomorrow.”

Agent Aaron seems surprised that the young lady in front of him would presume to address the Director by her first name. “I will inform Director Shepard” quickly correcting her. The transmission ends.

“Someone’s briefs are a bit tight wouldn’t ya say?” Kari absently says to no one.

“Shall I run a video inspection to locate the offending party Kari?” answers C.A.S.S.I.E.

Chuckling as she considers which would be the more disturbing vision Rascal in stretched out Boxers or Beef in his tighty whities. Kari shivers at the thought as Erica appears in her doorway as it opens.

“I thought we agreed not to suck on lemons anymore?” Erica smirks….”Sit. I have some things to discuss.”
"Never apologize. It's a sign of weakness."
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PostPosted: Tue Oct 27, 2015 8:21 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

The following is a joint post between Bronze and Dorym.

Erica enters Kari’s stateroom smirk on full display with two mugs of steaming liquid in her hands. She sets one down on Kari’s desk and observes the nearly empty glass of scotch already there. Erica frowns as she picks it up. Accusingly she waves the glass at the still standing in the doorway Kari and admonishes, “You have to slow down girlie. 0900 hours and you’re how deep in a bottle already?”

“We never discussed lemons….oh the face.. funny story….”

“Stop…” She pauses and continues, “Go. Rest. I don’t recall any order to drink.”

“Hey. You’re not the boss of me.” Kari squeals like a defiant child. “Besides. I was working, amending security protocols and closing out the Captain’s personnel file.” Her voice trails off a bit as the weight of her words open still fresh wounds. “I was merely having a drink in memory of our friend.”

Erica rolls the empty scotch glass into the waste basket alongside Kari’s desk. “Jo drank tea. You want to have a drink for Jo. Here.” Erica hands the mug of still steaming liquid to Kari.

Kari sniffs it and grimaces.

“No lemon face. Drink it. I have a few things to go over with you. Harper stopped by to see me because he was a bit freaked out by something he saw. I wanted to run it by you.”

Kari sips the mug as she walks over to her bunk and sits facing Erica. “Jo really drank this?”

“Tea... yes. Yours has a little something extra to get you back in the game. I wasn’t sure which Kari I’d find this morning. It was a rough night.”

Kari sips the tea again. “Honey, Camomile, Prickly Pear juice.”

Erica smiles.

“Wheatgrass…..Nutmeg and …. acetaminophen? Really?”

Erica shrugs her shoulders.

“All in black tea.”

“Welcome back. Now sip and listen. So Harper stops by medical and tells me he thought he saw Amp, at the event, during the fighting, He attributed it to combat stress."

“Who's Amp?"

"Anton Paien. He was the Captain of the Argent Mistress. Harper knew him from before then. He was killed in a firefight in the parking lot of a local mart."

"Oh! I remember the story. He and another crewmate, C.J. were both killed. Brotherhood hit from what I can tell.”

"Yup. That's the one. Anyway, while he was standing on the stage he could have sworn he saw Amp standing on the floor out there fighting the mercs but it couldn't have been him, because said he saw him die." Harper’s worried as to why he’s seeing a dead friend.”

Kari holds her tea with both hands sipping slowly with her legs crossed on her bunk.

"I was sure it was just stress. You know, a PTSD reaction to being in a firefight after such a traumatic experience. I told him people like us have to process information quickly. You see a person who looks like a friend and your brain just sees who it wants to. It applies a friendly designation to the person so you can focus on other things. That’s what I told him but now I’m not so sure…”

"Why’s that?"

“After Harper left, I did a you and plopped in front of the computer.”

“Hey! I don’t plop. Beef plops… I gracefully sit.”

Erica makes a face and laughs. ”Anyway, I thought to myself maybe I can find something on this 'Amp' guy so I can show Harper it was just an illusion. You’d have been proud at how quickly I found the story of the parking lot shooting. The headline read ‘Marine Hero Murdered’ with Amp and C.J.’s photos emblazoned just underneath. I located Amp’s obituary, which in turn brought me to Jo's obituary.” She gazes at the ceiling for a second and continues. “I noticed a tab labeled, "Red Carpet" and saw that the usual photos of the gala had been pushed aside by the subsequent events. What was fortunate I guess is that the news service had posted the Red Carpet photos almost in-mass, without any editing. As I began sifting through the photos I came across a picture of a man in ceremonial dress wielding a cutlass. At first I thought it can’t be. But as I compared the two photos I felt a chill run up my spine. The guy was Amp's twin.”

“I’ll run the guest list.” Kari activates her wrist computer.

“Already done my friend.” Erica announces proudly. “I ran through the guest list and found a Paien as a corporate guest. Anton Paien.”

"This is too weird.” Kari says. "How can this be."

“I don’t know but I thought maybe you’d heard of some ‘classified’ bring someone back from the dead tech. Or least could get further into it than me. Being you’re a Data Analyst and all you know.” Erica smirks again pleased at her jibe.

“I’ll see what I can do. I have an errand to run in Arbellatracon that could potentially answer some questions for us. I may be gone for the better part of the day.”

“Do you want company?” Erica asks concerned.

“No. I’m heading to the MoJ office for a meeting. The Director of Special Operations wants to have a word.”

“Meeting or Interrogation?”

“I’m sure a little bit of both. The Director is an old friend. I’m sure she means me no harm.”

“Well how long will you be?”

“I’m not really sure. Depends what they want to ask and what I want to answer. Anyway maybe this will turn out to be lucky break. We could certainly use one.”

Erica gets up. “Ok I’ll leave ya too it. Stay in touch and watch your six Kari. Let me know what ya find and if you need any help.”

“Will do.” Kari hands the empty mug back to Erica. “And thanks for the tea.”

Erica hugs Kari and chuckles as she heads for the door.

Kari stares at the wastebasket. As Erica reaches the threshold. Kari reaches into the trash to retrieve her discarded glass. The door closes behind Erica and Kari hears a voice from the other side of the door, “Leave it where it is. You won’t be needing for a while.” as Erica’s voice trails away.

“Sure thing Mom!!” Kari yells through the door as she rescues her glass. “Gotcha…..”
"Never apologize. It's a sign of weakness."
"What the Colonel means to say is....."
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PostPosted: Tue Oct 27, 2015 8:59 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Later that day...

Kari stood on the curb staring at the glass doors. The landscape was pristine. Manicured dwarf trees and shrubs surrounded by flowers exotic and rare framed the walkway. As she approached the glass doors they parted and she entered into a foyer. The floor was white marble, the Ministry’s sigil artistically displayed in the center marked the entryway.

Kari takes a few steps in when her eyes are drawn to a wall. The Ministry Sigil sits atop column of stars. Underneath each star is a date. She walks over and her fingers trace the list until they reach a date not so long ago...
210-1116. “Victor” she thinks to herself.

“Can I help you?”

Kari turns away from the wall and walks toward the reception area where agents in Ministry Uniforms are busy answering phones and viewing security monitors. A young female officer looks up and smiles.

“I’m expected for a meeting.” Kari responds politely.

“I’ll need identification please. You’ll also need to check your weapon before entry”

Kari passes the reception officer her IMV Arcadia Identification and the receptionist reads:
Charissa Krios
IMV Arcadia
Chief Security Officer

“Thank you Miss Krios” The reception agent scans the card into her computer card reader. and Kari’s picture appears on her monitor. She hands Kari back the card, “One moment while we process your identification and arrange a visitor pass.”

Kari takes her ID back and places it in a belt pouch

A moment later Kari hears an audible beep. The Agent looks at the monitor and back to Kari. “Do you have any other Identification?” she asks emphasizing the word other.

Kari reaches into a different belt pouch and withdraws another ID card. She passes the reception agent her MoJ Identification and the receptionist reads:
Special Agent Charissa Krios
O5 Data Analyst
Computer Services Division

“Why didn’t you give this to me first?”

“I’m retired” Kari says flatly, “I didn’t think it would matter much. Simple data analyst and all.”

“You’re awfully young to be retired.” the agent responds with a smile. “You may not have worked here long but we always try to extend courtesy to our agents.” She scans the card and her eyes sharpen before they widen. “Excuse me a second.” She turns away from Kari and hands the ID card to an older male agent who Kari assumes to be a supervisor. The young agent looks toward the monitor then slightly toward Kari. The older agent says rather loud and gruffly, “How many O5 data analysts do you think there are. Let me help you sweetie. None.”

He snaps the card out of the young agent’s hand and walks over to the monitor. It reads:
Special Agent Charissa Krios
O5 Assistant Coordinator Candidate
Special Operations Division

“You could have saved an old man a lot of trouble if you had properly identified yourself ma’am.” He hands Kari back her ID and says, “If you’d follow me Coordinator Krios, the Director is expecting you.”

“I’m retired.” Kari answers emphatically.

The Old Supervisor rolls his eyes and nods. “I know. This way please,”

The young agent calls after them, “Sir. Her weapon?”

The old man obviously short on patience glares at her before turning to Kari, “Do you have your badge Coordinator Krios.”


“Great put it on and let’s go. The Director is waiting”

He leads her around a body scanner and over to a door. Kari recognizes the biometric reader. She installed it. The old agent places his palm over the reader and it responds with a series of beeps as the door opens. The pair walk through a hallway where they meet a second biometric reader. The interior office area houses a series of desks and private offices. They pass through another door where they are body scanned and enter a squad room that has a stairwell centered on the rear wall. The skylights above refract the light of the purple sky. There are monitors with agents talking around them, asking questions while being briefed. There is a wall with the photos of the Ministry’s most wanted to the left. They continue through as some heads glance their way to see who the uninvited guest is. Most see the badge and lose interest. She’d swear a few are looking at her trying to place the face. As they reach the stairwell she sees two agents wearing combat armor similar to her own but without the N7 designation.

The two figures give Kari a look and a nod. The armored agent to the right obviously recognizes her. “Special Agent Krios” he whispers.”I’m sorry for your loss ma’am.”

Kari nods and offers a weak smile.

They stand aside and the older agent who had escorted her here says, “The Director is in the Multiple Threat Alert Center. You’ll forgive me if I forego the stairs.” as he gestures up.

Kari reaches the top of the stairs where the door to MTAC is secured by a retinal scanner. She looks back down toward her escort who is already walking away. She presses her eye to the reader and hears, “Special Agent Charissa Krios. Access granted.” The door slides open and she enters.

The room is dimly lit. There is an agent working a computer terminal on the nearside wall and a woman in her late 30’s with chestnut colored hair laying on her shoulders sitting in the front row. Kari moves silently toward the center stair. There is video being played on a rather large screen. The bombing at the installation ceremony is being played. Various angles from multiple cameras replay the carnage. As Kari approaches the woman she can't help but notice the fine black dress, perfectly tailored, that she’s wearing.


Kari does so without quarrel.

More video plays. Kari watches as the evening’s events play through. The small talk. The patronizing bows and greetings. The serving girl who accidentally drops a glass. She’s fumbling with something near the table. Captain Cameron is seated there. She appears to be enjoying herself talking to the Grand Admiral Duke. The serving girl looks up. “Sorry so clumsy of me.” Kari reads from her lips. Her eyes shine a brilliant blue.

“Freeze frame.” The images stops. “What do you make of this?”

“Detonator. TDX I’m guessing.”

“Good guess. The same explosive was used to level a warehouse in the docks district.”

Kari remains silent.

“Do you notice anything unusual about the saboteur.”

“She has brilliant blue eyes.”

Director Shepard turns her head toward Kari seemingly waiting for the ‘and’. A few seconds pass but when Kari doesn’t offer anything else she turns her head back toward the screen and continues.“Indeed she does. Too blue. Where have we seen this before?” The Director doesn’t wait for a reply. “Continue feed.”

The next six minutes take an eternity. Kari knows what’s going to happen next. She wants to scream at Jo to run. Then it happens. The explosion that kills her captain. Her friend. The explosion that kills what she guesses is at least 100 people and injures twice that more. She watches Rascal cut through the first mercenary. She sees Mac fell another.

“Your dog is well trained.”

Kari fires a sharp look at the Director and snaps, “He’s a Vargr and he’s my partner.”

Almost amused the Director says, “Yes I am well aware of your current attachments. The dog, the doctor, the cook and an old man. Hardly a replacement for your N7 team.”

The video plays on. “Freeze frame.” The video pauses on a man with cutlass attacking a mercenary. “Do you know him?”

“He looks familiar.” Kari is trying hard to remember where she has seen him before.

“His name is"

"Anton Paine" Kari answers, "and he’s dead. Or supposed to be. He was Captain of the Argent Mistress before being gunned down along with a crewmate in front of a local mart.”

The Director smiles, “Continue” The feed resumes and a few moments later a man in full battle dress crashes through the skylight and then through the floor. He thrusts up through the crater he created intercepting a sniper round. “Freeze frame.”

“David Harper” Kari offers.

The Director smiles. “He saved Father Sarducci’s life. Ironic isn’t it. Continue.” A bolt of plasma engulfs a balcony and eats right through the wall behind it into the night sky. The fight progresses and the mercs are slowly but systematically cut down. Father Sarducci is wounded. Chancellor Kowalski engages the blue eyed saboteur and is quickly rag dolled to the floor. As she attempts to flee he pursues and is lost from the footage. The security forces with the assistance of the quick acting guests are able to put down the remaining mercenaries but the damage is done. “Stop feed.”

The Director stands up. Kari does as well. She turns and hugs Kari. “Welcome home child. There is much we need to talk about.”

Kari returns the hug. “Thank you Director.”

The Director continues to hold her, “And I’m sorry about Victor. I know what he meant to you. You can hate him all you want. But I know there is a part of you who loved him and for that loss I am sorry. You are truly Blackthorne’s widow now.”

“Thank you Jenny.”

“Please accompany me to my office. it’s just a formality but you need to file a statement. I told the local authorities I would take it myself. You’ve been through so much lately.”

“I appreciate that Jenny.”

“Come” Director Shepard leads Kari to her office down the hall from MTAC. “By the way. How is Miranda?” she asks in what could be considered a sarcastic tone.
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PostPosted: Tue Oct 27, 2015 10:03 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Director Shepard closes the door behind them. Kari finds herself in a well appointed office. Various antiquities regale the shelving and a small fire burns in a stone fireplace. Kari walks toward the mantle and looks at the various framed photos. She appears in some of them. Director Shepard walks over to the bar in her office and takes the top off a crystal decanter. “Scotch whiskey from Skul.” She pours two glasses and stoppers the decanter. The Director carries the glasses over to Kari and hands her one. “It’s very good. Aged in barrels from a rare strain of oak found native to the planet.”

“Thanks.” Kari sips the glass. “What can I help you with?”

“You could start with the truth.” She offers gently, “What really happened?”

“Where do I start Director?”

“I find the beginning to be a good place”, the Director states calmly.

“Well you know about my commission aboard the Arcadia.”

“Of course. I arranged it.”

“We started out ok. Seemed simple enough take supplies here. Pickup cargo there. We encountered pirates. Ship was damaged. Ship got fixed. Return to Gandr. Prospect a few asteroids. Get attacked again. The administrator Carter J. Burke was up to something fishy but things didn’t seem all that unusual until I got curious about the cargo.”

Jenny waved her hand toward the mahogany desk near the window, “Sit please. I think we should get comfortable. I have a feeling we could be a while.”

Kari nods, resigned to the fact that every question Director Shepard is asking has already been answered.

“What was wrong with the cargo?”

“I’m bound by a non disclosure agreement.”

“I’m aware. Continue”

“So last week I hear there was a major drug bust in Olavopolis. Combat drugs, fast drugs, slow drugs, something called MBT-48 and NZT-48. You might remember an old MoJ op Coordinator Blackthorne oversaw. I believe it was called Operation Nightshade. It dealt with MBT-48 and its potential application in casinos. Unfortunately the deep cover agent was….” Kari’s voice slows, “lost” clearing her throat, “and the op was aborted.”

“I’m familiar with the op. Blackthorne read me in.”

“So it seems that the same drugs being investigated back then have reappeared and a newer version called NZT-48 has been developed by a Dr. named Tewthous.”


“Apologies Director, I digress.” Kari pauses and begins again. “The cargo was proper SuSAG property and the manifest is available through SuSAG.”

“I’ll subpoena the records. Tell me about Burke.”

“Rogue SuSAG faction who was the mastermind behind the assassination of Captain Cameron and her Order. Black warrant was served.”

“I’d like to discuss the blue eyed saboteur.”

“I’d rather not.”

Director Shepard stands and walks back to the bar retrieving the crystal decanter and refilling both glasses. “Explain the brilliant blue eyes to me.”

Kari takes a deep draw from the glass. Her hands have the slightest of tremors. She knows the Director can see it. “Side effect of NZT use. NZT makes you smarter, stronger and faster. It also turns your eyes brilliant blue. The only known cure is time and gradual withdrawal.”

“I understand there is a mind control component to the drug.”

“I’m not sure abou…..” Kari stops mid sentence.

“If the saboteur was apprehended by someone sympathetic to their unfortunate circumstance the Ministry might be willing to assist in detoxification. Perhaps a recommendation for leniency due the fact that the saboteur was under a form of mind control could be arranged.”

Kari stared blankly at Director Shepard.

“You wouldn’t be able to recommend anyone who might not want to see her dead could you?”

Kari’s stomach dropped. She felt a huge lump in her throat as a wave of nausea rippled through her.

“I don’t want to see Miranda harmed either.”

There she said it thought Kari. She knows. “I’m retired” Kari offered weakly. “What makes you think it’s Miranda?”

Director Shepard walks around the desk and takes the glass from Kari’s trembling grasp. She places it softly on the desk and leans against it reaching for Kari’s hand clasping it in her own. Her voice is kind and soothing, “We know Charissa. We’ve known for a while. A black warrant has been issued.”

Kari feels the Scotch start to burn its way up her throat. She can taste it in the back of her mouth. She swallows hard. “Jenny please...Director. There has to be something you can do. I can’t lose Miranda too.”

“I’m doing all I can. The question is are you willing to come back to protect you sister. I’m willing to reinstate you, provisionally of course. And if it makes you feel any better about it, you will report directly to me. I’m willing to allow you access to MoJ Intel and assets relevant to the case. I’m willing to give you an opportunity to prove it isn’t Miranda’s fault. I’m willing to give you… and her a chance. You will have to find her first though. Tell me Charissa. What are you willing to sacrifice for your sister.”

Kari feels sick to her stomach. She thought she was done. She swore she was done. But how can she abandon Miranda.

Director Shepard squeezes Kari’s hand.“Listen, it’s been a long day. You’ve been here for hours. Why don’t you get something to eat. Think it over. I’ll need an answer by morning.” She releases Kari’s hand and smiles kindly at Kari. “I know you’ll make the right decision.”

Kari stands to leave. “Thank you for your time Director.” her expression blank.

“I’ll see you in the morning.”

Kari exits the office and makes her way out of the Ministry and comms Erica. “I’ll be spending the night here. I have some thinking to do. I’ll call tomorrow.”

“Hotel isn’t code for some ministry cell is it?”

“No. I’m just not in the mood to travel. Besides someone threw away my favorite drinking glass.” she says in a feeble attempt at humor.

“Did CASSIE dime me out? How could you know I went back in your room and threw it out again?” Erica is clearly trying to lighten the mood. “Call tomorrow and be careful. Not so sure I’d trust this Director friend of yours either. I’m thinking she has something up her sleeve.”

“Yeah. Something. Talk tomorrow.”

Kari looks around..”Ok Krios. Hotel… One with a bar...”
"Never apologize. It's a sign of weakness."
"What the Colonel means to say is....."
"Don't ... Don't do that again! Don't ever touch me!"
"Don't think I'm helpless, just because I'm soft and cuddly!"
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This is a joint post between Scruffy70 and LukeDev75.


Anton “Amp” Marsale Paien looked around and surveyed the scene. A medical bot looked him over confirming he would be fine with the minor cuts and scratches he received. During the same time he was being questioned by a slew of individuals who he recognized by their uniforms. Local police, governmental police, Royal guards and an individual who he presumed was MoJ stood around him.

'Amp' answered all their questions in the most official way possible, as that was his training. His observations of the room before and after the bloody event was written down by everyone present. They were bickering amongst themselves as to who 'Amp' would be going with to answer further questions. During this brief distraction, 'Amp' looked at the waste that laid before him.

Throughout the hall the scene reminded him of many operations he had seen or been involved in. Bodies and blood everywhere and here he thought he had escaped this by retiring. As 'Amp' viewed the room he noticed the tall gentleman that had thrown him a weapon assisting him during the fight.

He went over in his mind where he had met this man since he called him by name. 'Amp' for the life of him could not remember him. He prided himself on remembering details as it was his life on many occasions if he had not. 'Amp' studied the man and noticed how he stared at a very attractive female, holding a cutlass, standing by what once was the Order of Shuynuka’s table. Earlier in the night, as he watched the events unfold throughout the room, he also noticed this man catching as many glimpses of her as possible. It was obvious he loved her.

'Amp' shook his head clear, either way he had to thank him for the assist. Since the officers appeared more interested in who had the higher authority in this issue 'Amp' slipped away and approached the gentleman.

'Amp' tapped the his left bicep with the back of his right hand. Reaching out his hand as a gesture of thanks he said “Excuse me mac, but I would like to thank you for the assist back there.”

Surprised on many levels, Gannon "Mac" MacKenzie answered to what he thought was name recognition. “Amp! Son of bitch! I thought you were dead.” Mac shook ‘Amp’s’ hand vigorously, though his eyes followed Danni moving about the carnage.

“Thanks mac, really, just thanks.”

Clearly distracted, Mac continued, “Yeah, sure dude, anytime and everytime.” Mac’s eyes darted between Danni and ‘Amp’.

Noticing, ‘Amp’ released Mac, “Yeah, you should look after the lady.”

“Yeah, yeah. Gotta go. I will catch you later.” Mac turned and began to head towards Danni, stopping after a short distance. Turning back towards ‘Amp’, “Good to see you alive man.”

“Yes, and thanks again.” ‘Amp’ seemed slightly confused as Mac hurried toward Danni. There is a tap on ‘Amp’s’ shoulder, it is one of the Law Enforcement investigators. “Colonel Paien, retired yes? We have some questions concerning a time lapse in your service history. Please follow me.”
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