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World Data: Efate (SM-1705)

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PostPosted: Sat Aug 29, 2015 10:04 pm    Post subject: World Data: Efate (SM-1705) Reply with quote


World Name: Efate

Subsector: Regina
Hex Location: (SM-1705)

Starport Size: Class A
Planet Size: 6 - ( 9,600km )
Atmosphere Type: 4 – ( Thin, Tainted )
Hydrosphere Type: 6 – ( 60% water )
Population: 9 – ( 8 Billion )
Government Type: 3 – ( Self-Perpetuating Oligarchy )
Law Level: 0 – Low ( No Law – No Prohibitions )
Tech Level: D – Average Stellar ( Holo data storage )

Bases: Imperial Naval Base; X-Boat Way Station

Trade Codes: Hi: High Population, In: Industrialized, An: Ancients Site

Travel Zone Classification: Green Travel Designation
Population Multiple: 8
Planetoid Belts: 0
Gas Giants: 0

Allegiance: Imperium

Astrographic Info: K4 V

Efate is a high-population, high-technology, heavily industrialized planet with a cold but otherwise garden world environment. The main planetside starport on Efate is called Down-Franklin Starport. In addition to Efate Startown, other major settlements on Efate include Anlisha, Makish, Kheker, Arden, Irir, and Gasharr. The starship manufacturer General Shipyards has a subsidiary yard on Efate. It is capable of building starships of up to 600 tons, but usually it concentrates on doing annual maintenances. The system also contains a Naval Base that is the home of the 213th Imperial Fleet.

In the run-up to the Fifth Frontier War, Efate was subject to bitter Ine Givar anti-Imperial guerrilla activity, supported by the Zhodani. On 204-1107, as part of the opening of the war, Efate faced a Zhodani siege, followed by heavy planetary fighting. The Siege of Efate proved one of the crucial campaigns of the entire war and lasted for over three years.

Efate has been settled almost as long as Regina and has always been its rival for the position as most important system in the Regina Cluster. It passed Regina in population long ago and its technology is also better (space technology is up to Imperial standards), but political considerations still keep it in second place. In the last decade, civil disturbances have contributed to this; the Imperium has been forced to introduce martial law and the system is currently governed by the Imperial Navy.

On 274-1105 a firefight in the administrative capital guts its class A facility, and closes that facility for approximately three months.

Efate's northern continent is named Kormoran. There is a noteable mountain on Efate called Mt Surimsi. It is uninhabited and can be climbed. Located in the hinterlands of Efate. Air pressure at sea level is .65atm (a taint makes filter masks necessary as well). Mt Surimsi's base is 1.5km above sea level, where the air pressure is .60atm. A low mountain, only 6.5km tall, the air pressure at the summit is .13atm, a Very Thin atmosphere requiring artificial assistance. In summer, Mt Surimsi enjoys a temperature of 30 degrees C at its base; at the summit the temperature is nearly 33 degrees cooler - a chilly -3 degrees C. The 'timber line' is 7.4km above sea level (5.9km up the mountainside); in summer, the 'snow line' is at the same point."

An Ancients site was discovered on Efate in 354, though it had been robbed of all useful artifacts. Today the site is used as a historic monument maintained by the IISS. The site consists of a partially restored grid of walls spaced about two meters apart and extremely massive fortifications at random intervals.

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