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Chief Engineer Gannon "Mac" Mackenzie

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Ship's Surgeon

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PostPosted: Mon May 09, 2011 5:41 pm    Post subject: Chief Engineer Gannon "Mac" Mackenzie Reply with quote

Chief Engineer Gannon “Mac” Mackenzie

Played by: LukeDev75

Str: 11
Dex: 10
End: 10
Int: 11
Edu: 11
Soc: 7
Cha: 7

Age: 32
Race: Sword Worlder

Homeworld: Narsil / Sword Worlds

Service: Belter / Space Port Authority (SPA)
Branch: None / Ship’s Services
Terms: 2 / 2
Rank: None
College: None
Special Assignments: Special Duty x 1 / Special Duty x 4
Awards: None


Electronics – 1
Gravitics – 2
Engineer – 3
Streetwise – 1
Vacc Suit-1
Grav. Vehicle-2
Small Blade-1
Persuasion - 1

Hobby Skills

Grav-Bikes = 4
Beer Appreciation = 2
Plants = 1
Bar/Saloon Etiquette = 2
Books/Authors = 1
Tattooing = 1

Licenses and Certificates:

(1) Able Spacehand – Unrated License – Z Card
(2) Assistant Engineer – Systems
(3) Assistant Engineer – Drives
(4) Master Engineer Certificate

Profile and history for Gannon “Mac” Mackenize

General Profile:
Though his general appearance is sometime rough, he is a meticulous engineer. He likes a clean shop, even polishing what others may call ‘minor’ items. This care is also seen in how he cares for his custom Grav-Bike. For the most part, he prefers to be alone, either in the engineering shop, on an extended bike ride or even in a room full of people. His remarks are sometimes harsh and his language does not reflect his intelligence and education. Without a formal university education, he spends much time reading and learning – especially how it relates to engineering data. He was born and raised as a belter and in an engineer’s shop, sometimes his language and behavior easily show this upbringing.

General History:
At the end of the Fourth Frontier war, Gannon was born 201-1084 on Narsil (0927) {Sword Worlds} within the Spinward Marches. He was the ba***rd child to one of his father’s mistresses. His father was a Belter for a variety of Sword World Corporations, with a lot of his work with the Hekla Resources Company. Gannon was intelligent enough for schooling but was harassed by school mates because his mother had to have a man’s job. Gannon’s natural mother died a month after his tenth birthday on 301-1094. The same day Princes Varian and Lucan, Emperor Strephon's nephews, were born 5 minutes apart to Strephon's younger sister Lydia.

Gannon’s father had to bring Mac into his family on Narsil. Gannon’s Step-mother seemed not to care too much for the arrangement and his older half-brothers, Robert and Douglas, seemed a little too dim witted to understand where Gannon came from and what they should do with him. Gannon had changed schools by now, but as most Belters’ families are aware there are these strays that somehow must be cared for. It was clear to fellow pupils that Gannon was clearly different then his ‘brothers’. Not only was his appearance very different, Gannon was clearly ahead of them in intellect. Gannon became fascinated with engineering when he first read about the "Kankurur" class G-carrier design that was released in 1095. Family and public life was difficult in the Mackenzie household. And in 1096 the situation got more complicated as a half-sister was born into the family. Gannon’s father’s relations with the family were strained as rumors flew regarding the legitimacy of his half-sister’s actual father.

In 1093 there was a discovery of former Darrian outpost on Bowman (Spinward Marches 1132); archaeological digs are established. Resources had been discovered and what amounts to exploitation began. With the family in turmoil, Gannon’s father headed for Bowman late in 1097. In 1098 a massive power failure on Bifrost in the Bowman asteroid belt; collapse of antiradiation shielding resulted in the death of nearly 200 people, including Gannon’s father.

With the difficulty of raising the two older Mackenzie half-brothers and the new child, Gannon’s step-mother asked an uncle to take charge of the boy. The uncle brought Gannon to Excalibur {Sword Worlds} in early 1099. The uncle couldn’t be bothered with the proper care of a teenager, and found him a job. As a favor to his deceased father, the Hekla Resources Company hired the boy as an Engineering Assistant, more a go-fer then a real job. But the boy’s interest in engineering couldn’t be checked. He began, almost forcefully, inserting himself in to the machine shop to do actual work. His engineering skills showed through and he began real work within the company. There was not a lot of money being made and Gannon rarely saw his uncle. He would rather study then carouse around the downport with other forgotten youths. Sometimes this led to altercations. A smart and athletic youth, Gannon learned how to properly defend himself.

Before his 16th birthday, Gannon had shown himself capable enough around an engineering plant that the company allowed him an actual job as a Mechanics Assistant at mining operation in the Excalibur system. Before his 17th birthday, and almost as a birthday present, the Hekla Resources Company assigned Gannon to one of its specialized training development programs on Gravitics. The gift was when Gannon discovered the world of Grav-Bikes. He had been fascinated by the gravitic travel of the “Kankurur" class G-carrier and other such vehicles since he was 10. Within the Belter community a variety of small hover vehicles, grav-vehicles and even wheeled vehicles are used on site. But to discover the use of a grav-vehicle as a solitary recreation vehicle would prove to bring Gannon joy going forward.

By the age of 18, Gannon got a job with a Sword Worlds Subsector Wide Company, Gramstaatsbedrif, within one of their mining divisions. He worked out of both the Beater and Biter systems {Sworld Worlds}. In his off time and when not studying, Gannon worked on mastering riding a Grav-Bike for recreation. By now the name “Mac” had taken hold, mostly as a result of his solitary travels when he would meet new people, later as they learned his name. Mac was looking to get work on Weiss (Spinward Marches 1934) and left Gramstaatsbedrif early to ride about on his grav-bike. But late in 1102, an expanding SuSAG operation on Weiss closed down, killing hopes for an employment boom and effectively ending Mac’s first term as a belter.

Over the next two years Mac worked for various Sword World Mining companies performing various belting tasks on Steel, Mithril, Bronze and Iron. These were known as the Metal Worlds and were listed in the directories as having no population, government, or law level; this was not entirely true. The Metal Worlds were being held in reserve by the Sword Worlds Confederation for future development but supplied plenty of current resources. R&R was normally held on Biter, where Mac began to explore the benefits of his good looks and lack of family ties. Mac was still more a solitary person then a carouser. However, Mac did learn his ways around a spaceport and dirtside, having some fleeting relationships and a scatter of one-nighters.

In 1105 Gannon relocated to Joyeuse and landed a job with Chaperons Blancs (Sword Worlds Interface Line). Joyeuse contains temperate plains and rolling hills, where cattle and other beasts are herded and was very conducive to long solitary grav-bike trips that Mac seemed to enjoy. While working out of Joyeuse's starport, Svelund, Mac met a young lady as they mutually celebrated their birthdays, though she was slightly older. Her name was Cassidy Phillips, a divorcee from Gram, capital of the Sword World Confederation. Until now most of Gannon’s relationships were shallow, meaningless encounters, but Cassidy was different as she challenged Mac intellectually and even physically. Mac taught her to ride a grav-bike, which she seemed to learn effortlessly. The rode together across Joyeuse and she spoke of the shadow of major change in the region – possibly even war. Mac seemed to believe Cassidy was trying to get him to take sides.

Gannon had no particular interest in the divisive politics the seemed to be the norm within the Sworld World Confederation. Neither did Gannon have an opinion on Imperial interference in the region and their Mega-corporations (unless they could provide him a job). Mac did feel that the Darrians knew more than the public did regarding the events in the Bowmen system that killed his father. The idea of the increased Spinward Marches piracy and roving mercenary brigades Mac shrugged off, “as long as they don’t bother me.” Cassidy’s talk of the Zhodani did have an effect. Mac felt he did not want anyone “mentally” knocking him off his bike and incorporated a Psi-Shield into his grav-bike helmet. All the talk about choosing sides, the shadow of war, Joyeuse’s history of civil wars and the Amber designation because of the balkanizations, Mac thought it was time to leave. He was saddened that Cassidy did not come with him.

Gannon landed a job as a belter’s engineer with the Imperial company, Mora Metals LLC {Mora, Imperium} in the Zaibon system. After a short time there and after years of non-communication, Mac tried to contact his ‘family’ back on Narsil. Mostly to check on his Step-Mother and little half-sister and to see if things were ‘normal’ back home. Gannon’s little sister was about 10 now, so he figured, same age as Gannon’s world began to turn upside down. After a couple of weeks, the X-Boat traffic reached Mac. While his step-mom and little sister were reported okay, it seemed that Robert and Douglas had headed north towards Zhodani space. The rumor back home was as Cassidy might have suggested and the Sword Worlders and the Zhodani might be aligning themselves for trouble against the Imperium. Mac had little interest in these politics and realized returning home would not change anything. Mac approached the Mora Metals company for a transfer to a more interior system, expressing his desire to separate himself from his “poorer Sword World” relatives. It was granted, and Gannon picked up his grav-bike and headed to Lunion.

Lunion is a high population, high technology, industrialized planet with a garden world environment. Lunion is a busy trade world, with large offices operated by several mega corporations, including the regional headquarters for Ling-Standard Products. There was almost an overload of information for the now 22 year old. After one night of carousing, Mac found himself dirtside with the cargojacks at a very off-hour. Sitting amongst the cargo was a magnificent Grav-Bike, compulsion took over. Mac talked the cargojacks into looking the other way as he took the Grav-Bike for a ‘joy-ride’ stating it would be back before anyone could miss it!

Loitering on the seashore for Lunion’s dawn, Mac was at rest and very comfortable. His peaceful surroundings were interrupted with the hum of a large grav vehicle approached. Mac’s child-like gaze upon the Kankurur Class G-carrier failed to let him see that it was headed purposefully toward him. Gannon was unarmed and just lying by the grav-bike and the beach, clearly not a threat. When the Kankurur landed nearby, Mac approached excitedly – until the very apparent body-guard person exited the carrier. Mac paused long enough for another man to exit the vehicle. Mac had been around long enough to know he was some sort of boss. The G-carrier bore the logo of the Mega-corporation Ling-Standard Products. There was a brief tense moment until the Ling-Standard Executive realized the look in Gannon’s eyes.

Ling-Standard Products Originally a mining firm (and still very active in that area) LSP currently engages in a wide spectrum of activities including (but by no means limited to) manufacture of electronic equipment of all sorts, ground and air vehicles, starships and starship armaments systems, drive systems, power systems, computer systems and software, small arms, and a variety of other items. The executive and Mac spoke of the grav-bike Mac had ‘borrowed’. As Mac was halfway through his eager explanation of the bike, he realized in belonged to the executive. As Gannon apologized, the executive stopped him saying he understood and was fascinated by the young man’s knowledge of the equipment and even the Kankurur. They began to discuss Gannon’s history and interest in engineering. The executive saw the potential in the young engineer and made him a job offer. Of course the job offer would be related to Gannon’s successful completion of training and Mac’s willingness to travel to Mora for the training. With Mac’s desire to distance himself from the Sword World border, he easily agreed.

The next few days were spent with the Ling-Standard Products executive riding the grav-bikes and discussing the Imperieum, the Sworld Worlds, mining and even the building tensions with the Zhondani. The executive said that he could not insure an exact job within his company, he could easily set up Gannon in the Imperial Starport Authority. Once Mac’s training was complete and he exhibited his proficiencies, then maybe something could be found within Ling-Standard. He also told Mac that he would look into taking over the administration of the Bowman System where Mac’s father and others had died.

Gannon Mackenzie had enrolled in the Starport Authority’s training program and had gotten settled on Mora. Days before Mac’s birthday, on 187-1107, the Fifth Frontier War broke out as the Zhodani attacked Imperial space. On Mac’s birthday of 201-1107, Rhylanor found out about the invasion of Regina. That same day, as the Imperium tried to evacuate Regina (Spinward Marches 1910), the 2113th Marine Regiment stood alone as a rearguard against landing Zhodani forces, ultimately suffering over 80% casualties before surrendering. Sword Worlders joined with the Zhondani, all out war was here and Gannon Mackenzie would have to wait years to find out about any family.

The Ling-Standard Products Executive, the Mora Metals Company and Gannon’s own documented history helped avoid any problems once the Imperium discovered his Sword World heritage. Mac continued his training and even received more specialized training in mechanics and electronics. Early in 1109 The Military College of Mora (Spinward Marches 3124) is setup as a crash program around relocated experts from threatened worlds. There was also the Tapperheten Incident when a Sword Worlds heavy cruiser Tapperheten, raiding Imperial commerce, was chased down by three Imperial light cruisers and destroyed in the Faldor (Spinward Marches 1131) system. These two events lead the Imperial Military command to request the transfer of “loyal” foreigners out of Mora. This earned Gannon a trip to Resten. Also in 1109, the Ling-Standard Products had petitioned to take over administration of Bowman.

Even though it seemed that Gannon “Mac” Mackenzie had no apparent alignment and did not pose a threat to the Imperial Forces, trust is a hard thing to maintain. In 1110 the Starport Authority did give Mac ‘special’ cross-training duty as a cargojack dirtside on Heroni. Almost as abruptly as the war began, it ended by 1111. Four years of loyal service to the Starport Authority and the Imperium lead to another special assignment for Mac, customs enforcement. He assumed, maybe correctly, that the Empire thought he could weed out “disgruntled” Sword Worlders trying to enter the Imperial space. Mac was assigned to Ivendo for Customs and Security Work. He spent a lot of time on the street ‘learning’ what was happening and listening to the pulse of the people. At one point he thought he saw Cassidy. He pursued the sighting never being able to confirm it. So he reached out for his family, step-mom, little sister and even his step-brothers, Bob and Doug, and his uncle from Excalibur.

He did not hear directly back from anyone but his little sister, and that wouldn’t be until a 28th year birthday greeting on 201-1112. By the time Mac transferred to Equus with a more administrative role with customs and security, he learned that his Uncle from Excalibur had died on Sacnoth during the war. Bob and Doug had most likely fled to somewhere in the Darrin Confederation, returned home to Narsil or way north in the Spinward Marches in the likes of the Jewell Subsector. Their exact status was unknown. Gannon was unable to confirm the fate of his step-mother even with the delivery of the birthday message. His little sister would continue to send a general birthday greetings, but never containing any news.

By the end of 1112 Mac was tiring of the Customs and Security work; he was an engineer at heart. He approached the Starport Authority management and requested a transfer back to engineering duties. It was granted with a transfer to a Class A Starport on Rhylanor. While on Rhylanor he dove back into the engineering field, got all the appropriate certificates he could obtain and settled in nicely. On 201-1114, his 30th birthday he got his birthday greeting from his sister and thought he may have again seen Cassidy. Might be time to move on again he thought. He began seeking employment on a vessel rather than a port or dirtside operation. A chance to see the galaxy.
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Ship's Surgeon

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PostPosted: Wed May 11, 2011 5:16 pm    Post subject: Shipboard Licensing and Certification Reply with quote

Assistant Engineer - Systems

Assistant Engineer - Drives

Master Engineer

"I don't have a personality conflict - I get along with all of myselves!"
"Why can't you be a non-conformist, just like everybody else?"
"Pay no attention to the man behind the screen"
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Ship's Surgeon

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PostPosted: Wed May 18, 2011 10:07 pm    Post subject: Gannon's Personal Grav Bike Reply with quote



Gannon Mackenzie’s Personal Grav Vehicle

CraftlD: Grav-Bike, Type QV, TL 12, Cr$105,875

Hull: 1/2, Disp = 0.25, Config = 4SL, Armor = 1F, Unloaded = 1.151 tons, Loaded = 1.23 tons

Power: 1/2, Fuel Cell (TL13) = .105Mw, Duration =7/23, Storage Batteries (TL-12) = .003Mw

Locomotion: 1/2, (TL10) Low Pwr H-Grav, Thrust = 2 tons, w/Rider: NOE= 160kph, Cruise=630kph, Top=840kph w/Passenger: NOE= 160kph, Cruise=540kph, Top=720kph

Max Accel: 0.74G (w/Rider); .063 (w/Passenger)

Commo: (TL 12) Regional Radio Comm (500km)

Sensors: (TL 12) Active EMS Distant (5km), Headlights x 2, Active Object Scan = Formidable

Offense/Defense: Hardpoints = 1 (nothing installed)

Control: Computer = bis0 x 2, Dynamic Link

Accommodations: Crew = 1 (Operator), Seats = Cramped x 2, Open-topped

Other: Fuel = 0.150kl, Cargo = 0.05kl

Object Size = Small, Emlevel = Faint


A grav "bike" is a popular alternative to a grav belt. It costs very little more than a grav belt and has cargo space besides. In addition, it can carry a second rider, who can work (or shoot) undistracted while the pilot flies the craft.

The vehicle also includes complete computer control (with backup) allowing the operator to work, undistracted, while the craft flies itself to the desired destination. Manual control is recommended during hazardous or combat situation, however.

The craft's parabolic nose and windshield are designed both for streamlined flight and to protect its riders. Carrying 150 liters of fuel, the craft can mount a powerful 2, 000kg of thrust for up to 47.5 continuous hours. In 8 hour shifts, the fuel supply will last for almost 6 full days. There is hydrogen and oxygen combined fuel tank allowing for operation in almost all atmospheres, including a vacuum. A hatch in the rear opens to a cargo space of 50 liters.

The bike has been customized to allow a Vacc-Suit’s umbilical cord to be attached to the oxygen portion of the fuel tank. This reduces the amount of operations hours, but allows for the rider and a passenger the ability survey a low hazardous environment without use of a full Portable Life Support System (PLSS), though one is recommended. There are two such umbilical cord connectors.

The grav bike has built-in avionics, giving it good nap-of-earth abilities, which the belt does not have. Since, however, the bike has no inertial compensators, certain precautions are necessary for NOE flights.

This particular grav-bike is custom made including the Fuel Cell. The cell is made essentially of TL12 parts but yielding the comparable TL13 output. This allows for good availability of spare/replacement parts.

"I don't have a personality conflict - I get along with all of myselves!"
"Why can't you be a non-conformist, just like everybody else?"
"Pay no attention to the man behind the screen"
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Ship's Surgeon

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PostPosted: Mon Jun 13, 2011 8:01 pm    Post subject: Identification Cards Reply with quote

Mac is holding the following identification cards:

Qualification as Shipboard Master Engineer Card

Qualification as Shipboard Drives Engineer

Qualification as Shipboard Systems Engineer

Grav Vehicle Drivers License

"I don't have a personality conflict - I get along with all of myselves!"
"Why can't you be a non-conformist, just like everybody else?"
"Pay no attention to the man behind the screen"
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