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Greeting and Felicitations!

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Greeting and Felicitations!
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A small crack of light beamed across the floor as the stranger, long gone, slowly pushed open the doors. The chamber, long dark, showed the dust and cobwebs of a great sleep. As the light filled more of the chamber, the stranger bore witness to equipment and furniture unused for what looked like ages. The stranger thought, almost out loud, how strange yet familiar this place seems even after all these years. He could almost hear the voices of long-lost friends and adversaries echoing through the chamber, memories of conversations forever lost in the annals of time and space.

As the stranger moved into the chamber, he saw portraits, portraits of former fleet commanders. He stopped to study a portrait. He found himself lost in thought and relishing in the battles they once engaged in. As he turned to move on, he quickly did a double take as he swore the expression on the portrait changed ever so slightly to one of displeasure. The stranger rubbed his eyes, sure that the dust he had stirred up caused this illusion. Satisfied with his analysis, he continued deeper into the chamber. He noticed, ever so faintly, the dim pulsing of a console light signaling to all who may brave entry into this chamber. Slowly, he cleared over 15 years of debris, which allowed the light to glow more serenely. The glow and pulsing of the light acted almost like a means to mesmerize and beckon the observer. After great thought, he pushed the button imagining the activation of a trap that would soon befall him, the last defense of a dying fellowship desiring to salvage and save the records of mighty battles and deeds from long ago. Instead, a dim light began to emanate from the front wall. Yes, of course, the stranger thought with a small chuckle, the old viewscreen.

On the viewscreen, through the dust, images danced across the wall. He thought in reverence, ah, the old days. When the images finally stopped, the stranger looked down and smiled. His fingers found another long unused button and left his own message for those who may someday venture back to the beginning, the start of it all. Satisfied, he turned and walked towards the door stopping one last time before passing through the portal, moving from the past back to the present. After one final look down memory lane, he pushed the door shut grinning as the dark once again claimed dominion over the chamber within.


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