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Starfleet Tactical Operations Command (STOC), or Tactical Operations Command (TOC) for short, was developed to fill  the role of online matchmaker for the game, Star Trek: Starfleet Command (SFC). STOC was further refined to support the game Star Trek : Online persistent gaming system. 

Our purpose is to allow like-minded beings to come together, united under a single banner, to band together in common purpose and goals.   Through this interaction, we can learn more from each other and benefit everyone.

TOC has a unique command structure and is broken up into two distinct parts.... (a) Headquarters; and (b) Unified Fleet Command.   They are explained as such:

The Headquarters' purpose is to coordinate and organize the administrative and operational forces of the fleet.  The Command Staff is "stationed" within the Headquarters.

The Unified Fleet Command falls under the cognizance of the Commanding Officer.  His job is to oversee the day-to-day operations of all Starfleet forces assigned to TOC.   This is where a majority of you will end up.  These are the "flying" forces of STOC.

Some units of the The Unified Fleet Command are assigned to non-Federation races.  Their role is to live and breathe as members of their represented race would.  This enables them to better learn tactics, thereby benefitting everyone.    In effect, being a member of a non-Federation race is the best of both worlds, it allows you to be in a unit that practices against each other as well as against your "Starfleet" counterparts.  Even though you are members of the same team.

TOC was founded by Fleet Admiral "CTF" Patterson, of Starfleet Task Force 16 fame.  TF-16 was the largest and best organized force on the internet for Starfleet Academy play.

If you are interested in joining, be forewarned – it is not easy.  You will be required to go through rigorous testing and evaluation. Additionally, promotions for operational (line) officers are heavily based on leadership, activity and tactical prowess.   If you have served in the military, then you will feel at home here at TOC.  We protect the Federation against aggression and tyrrany. There are plenty of other fleets available if you want a cushy job and a quick rank of Admiral. If, however, you are active, ambitious and a good tactician, we feel you would fit in and be welcomed into the finest fleet in the entire United Federation of Planets.

Oh, one last thing... TOC operates under the principles of T.R.E., or Total Roleplaying Experience.   So, not only do you have to operate much like the military does, but you also have to "live" your online "life" through roleplaying your online character. 

So, please feel free to aquaint yourself with all of the information available in this section. Then, should you decide that you are up to the challenge, please feel free to submit an application. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me using my authorized subspace frequency: tocco@coinich.com.

Thank you for visiting and we hope you will consider joining with us.

Starfleet Tactical Operations Command - Often Imitated, Never Duplicated!

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