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Star Wars - May the Force be with you

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Star Wars - May the Force be with you
 PostPosted: Sat Jul 23, 2011 11:11 am Reply with quote  
  Brother Artemis
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Jedi Knight

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We find our gallant heroes left behind after the distress call from the Jedi Counsel. The masters sense a disturbance of the force and sense it may be a trap. Left behind at a friendly senator's compound, our heroes sense the trap and they know the ship carrying the masters was probably destroyed.

The Senator finds out that all Jedi's are now outlaws and are being systematically hunted down and killed. There is a former Jedi Apprentice that is usually found at the Starport cantina.

Our heroes attempt to warn the failed Jedi (Al'Zen) but neither Al'Zen or Wikki Boh were able to convince the other of the importance of their meeting. After several minutes a suspicious Rodian enters the cantina with an associate. They point at Al'Zen and quickly go outside. More confusion between Al-Zed and Boh allows the bad guys the time to gather the rest of their crew and storm the back door.

The other apprentice (Cantar) went over to the back door and was trying to convince the others to leave with him. Before he went to co out he sensed severe danger outside the back door and blocked it as he made his way to the front door.

The Rodian was waiting by the front door hidden to the naked eye but not to the force, Al'Zen confronted the Rodian. The two drew swords and attacked the Rodian scored first blood with a nick on Al'Zen's arm. Al'Zen returns the favor and delivers a deathblow. Meanwhile, the rest of the crew runs over to the land speeder driven by Sterling.

Hearing the commotion out front and realizing that the back entrance was blocked the 4 bad guys make their way to the front. As Al'Zen jumps into the land speeder and yells go! Sterling checks his mirrors, takes a look around and carefully proceeds into traffic.

The 4 bad guys start to shoot at the speeder as it saunters away. Cantar Levitates the sword into one of the bad guys and he drops, another bad guy just falls as he tries to avoid his buddy's body. Al'Zen keeps yelling at Sterling. Sterling not liking the pressure, slows down, turns around and tells Al'Zen to stop yelling at him. The two bad guys left then shoot and hit one of the apprentices.

Al'Zen yells even more frantically to get them out of here, at which point, Sterling pulls the land speeder over and tells them he will not be talked to that way.

As the two remaining bad guys get ready to loose another volley, Al'Zen does a back flip out of the car and ignites his blue light saber. Seeing the lightsaber one of the two bad guys flees leaving one bad guy to face Al-Zen.

The bad guy shoots, Al'Zen blocks the blaster bolts with his lightsaber. He then slices the bad guy's blaster into two pieces and the bad guy leaves after being advised by Al'Zen to leave. Al'Zen then returns to the Land Speeder and Sterling drives them off to the spaceport.

Boh pilots the heroes to a small planet where the Apprentices can finish building their lightsabers. Realizing they do not have the right training equipment. The crew goes to the nearest Jedi training center and outsmart some clone troopers. They get the materials they need and return back to the small world to train and recover.

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Need a recap of the last session - please. bounce

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