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Fondest Task Force Memory

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Fondest Task Force Memory
 PostPosted: Sat Jun 18, 2011 1:51 pm Reply with quote  
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Fondest Task Force Memory

I am trudging along on my daily commute to the big city when I wondered what my fondest memory of the Task Force was. Though they’re many, I also thought specifically about which character stories I most appreciated from afar. Not any of my character stories, but those of the other players. Who in-play had an interesting story that kept me entertained?

So, I begin this thread with the idea to have the players recall/recount a story or two of the some Task Force 16 Player Character (other than your own) that you remember fondly.
The first PC to come to mind is Rana Endilev. While there others, his story is short and sweet (well maybe not so sweet – he is a ruthless businessman after all).

From Endilev’s introduction he played a character that managed two goals simultaneously. He always tried his best to complete the Starfleet mission ahead of him, but always managed to look out for and capitalize on other events. He built a significant business while assigned a lowly Lieutenant JG, assigned to Starfleet and during an all-out war! Impressive if you ask me.

In Endilev’s case, it is not a single story or event that I am particularly fond of – but more the overall accomplishment. His adventures did not (in most cases) thwart the mission or the personnel of the ship assigned. His actions lead to other adventures and various side-bars with various PCs. His contacts enabled a secondary web of information outside the scope of Starfleet during the war. Rana’s ability to provide stock beverages, food, supplies, etc. enabled characters such as Emeril Lagasse, Jandras and some others to work as primary players during certain scenarios. Rana’s Commanding Officers and command staff benefited at various times for various reasons because of the Endilev connection.

While there was great humor at time, there was also a great seriousness too. The recovery of the USS Quasar was made possible by the use of Endilev resources. The Battle of Polonar probably would not have been successful if not for the Andorian Andor Class Endilev 24 (oh, yeah, and the Samurai too). Rana’s ‘creation’ gave me a new character, one which, we all know, I have grown fond of.

I have very much enjoyed the story of Rana Endilev within Task Force 16.
What story/event did you most enjoy?

(Please look at other characters, not your own. But let’s hear some!)

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 PostPosted: Sat Jun 18, 2011 2:32 pm Reply with quote  
  Brother Artemis
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For me it was the interaction between 2 characters, Zaphod and Jandras. A more unlikely duo you could never find. Jandras with his pessimistic worldview and Zaphod with his brutal truth. It made being a "red shirt" fun. When the orders came down, the two of them would commiserate from 2 wholly different viewpoints but yet the same.

The two moments that stuck out for me was when Jandras accepted Endilev's offer and smuggled several bottles of Endilev ale down to the Irish world, thus ensuring Endilev would have a contract. (PS I know this is to be about another character but this was to me a critical decision for Jandras. I had hoped to see Jandras leave starfleet and join the Endilev corporation.

Zaphod as an ambassador. Who would have thunk that. Yet Zaphod made it work.

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 PostPosted: Sat Jun 18, 2011 5:18 pm Reply with quote  
  Justin Chase
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My fondest memories will always be of CAPT.T'Lar and the way he took a lost soul under his wing and gave her a home aboard his ship
and in the light of his leadership. For that, he will always be the greatest commanding officer I have ever known.

He got to know his crew on an individual level and knew how to deploy them as a team because he took the time to
learned their strengths and weaknesses.

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